Friday, June 10, 2016


Assalamualaikum WBT bloggie..

Well, i just dont know who am i supposed to talk to.. Since i hope to pour out my feeling here.. I hope my heart will feel at ease after that.. And the rest I'll leave it to Allah..

Few days back my maktam called my mom and asked whether i have someone at the moment..
And she said she already talked about me to someone she knew.. And that person agreed to get to know me..
She asked me personally, whether can she gave my number to him.. Well, i just replied that i am not ready yet.. But yesterday maktam said that she already gave my number to him..

I just dont know how to respond..
Bloggie.. I cant even manage my own life..
I keep on getting back late at night..
Sometimes when i promised my mom and dad i'll be back by 6pm sometimes i end up getting back late at night..
How can i give commitment to someone? Plus that person is an ustaz and a teacher..I am far from being good.. How will he handle me, the naughty me.. The bad side of me? I just feel that i am not a match.. He is wayyyy to good to be with someone like me..

But, bloggie..
I just dont know how to respond if he did contact me..
Takkan u just wanna reject right from the first moment..
My dad said if ure not ready then just tell that person..
My mom said the same.. Bcoz previously there's also my mom's friend asked her to match her son with me who works as a pilot..but since my mom knew how my working hours will be she declined because if we ever get together, how will our kids be..
But my mom din totally reject this guy because my mom said "cikgu.. Okla banyak dok rumah".. Huhu..

Bloggie.. Nk istikharah pun xboleh skrg.. Harapnye dia pon xcontact dlu awal2 ni..
Buatla solat istikharah dlu..
But to get married now, i dont think soo..
Since i have too many responsibility..
Who's going to take care of my parents??
I hope Allah will guide us to make a wise decision..

Well then.. I'll just enjoy my 2 days off after working like crazy for 7 days.. Till we meet again bloggie..