Saturday, April 25, 2015


If only i can describe my feeling now
But it is indescribable :((
Allah. Tq for giving such a great teacher :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

the feeling

Bloggieee. Hai again ^^

Cik bloggie. Tau x. Actually this morning kan
I received whatsapp from my buddy prof shahrir
At first mcm speechless.

Dapat msg around 9.40 am cmtu
Result announce 10.30 am
So i know my results an hour earlier

Masa dpt msg tu
Menggigil sangat tangan
Mcm xpcaye. Mcm nak nanges.
Mmg dah nanges pon lah kan
Tapi lepas tu xde kredit
Pastu terus call ibu gune phone zura
Tapi xbgtau zura sbb takut xbetul
Result kan belom official

Pastu.. Waktu melangkah dalam dewan
Baca bismillah bnyk2
There i goooo.
And alhamdulillah its true :)
I am a happy girl. Truly blessed!

Masa nama kne panggil
I remember that eye..looking from far
With smile. And how terkejut i am
Smpai menggigil tangan, raup muka. Raup tangan. Hailohhhh. Mmg serba xkena
Tapi thanks.. Thankyou prof :)
And thanks to you too!
I am truly blessed.. For having a chance
To set my eyes on u
For the last time
Before i walk out from hukm gate
I know how impossible it is..
But today Allah has shown me
Nothing is impossible!
When u believe..

Because i never expect or aiming for distinction
I had this dream years ago
But, unfortunately it was torn away when i repeat my year in year 1
However, i am truly blessed that Allah given me
This golden opportunity
I believe its like an open door
For me to pursue my master programme later
And becoming a specialist. InsyaAllah ^^
Thank you Allah!

i am a doctor!

Finally, i am a doctor!
Bloggieee thanks sgt.. Thanks for been there for me
Thankyou sgt3 bloggie! ^^

Know what the best part of it?
I got distinction! Weird haaa
Huu. Syukur sgt ya Allah!

The moment prof raymond panggil nama
Risq Atiqah Munirah lulus dengan cemerlang
Then he said. Where are u, please stand up.
And everyone was clapping for me
Tak sangka. There's like almost around 10++ people got distinction.. N the weirdest was i am the only malay girl
Macam xlogik. Macam xlayak
Tapi semua tu rezeki
Alhamdulillah. Sume tu berkat doa mak bapak mama. Sume org lah!
Macam xpercaya.. But alhamdulillah!
Anyway bloggie. My #misijubahmerah2015 finally accomplished and the best part, with distinction!
Its just made my day ^^

Me with my long case examiner. Prof lim pei shan. Tq prof for giving me a distinction!

With o&g supervisor. Teaching me to be a great person indeed. Without her guidance my o&g long case might not be as smooth as it is.

Tq Allah.
Tq mak, bapak, abg tam, abg cik, kak nury, min2, mama. And every family members
My dearest best buddy! Azura. Farah. Mila. Gid
My dearest supervisor: dr syahnaz, dr tan (ed), prof sakthis, prof oteh, mr azlan, mr hairol, mr zamri, dr adli, dr anizah and everyone who teach me :) tqqqq soooo much!

its the day!

Finally, its friday! Uhuuuu..
Cemano nihhh..

Palpitation sgtttt
Dokleh nak tido langsung2
Ingatkan cik risq cool je
Haha :pp

Rase cam dah buat elok2.
Rase mcm insyaAllah boleh lulus
Tapinye, betul ke x?
Dahla this year my beloved prof xtau result
And xblh nk reveal kat kami
Slalunye sape yg xmake it prof akan call dlu
Tapi.tapi. cmne ngan hari ni?

Ok. Take a deep breathh
Kuatkan semangat! ^^
We have done what can be done
The rest leave it to Allah :) ok risq? ^^

Pastu kan tadi sy ngan zura duduk sama2 atas katil smbil bgelap
Kekunun nak romantik bagai la kan
We spends hours talking and commenting things on facebook
Then, cik risq dgr lagu jiwang2 kat phone
Suddenly, cik zura ckp..
Thankyou risq, temankan kita
I was likeee.. Huuu, zura please don't do this
Saya dahla kememeh :(
Bab2 nak kne bpisah ni. Sy slalu sgt fail tahu?
Sedihhhh :((((
Tapi tanpa disedari, airmata dah mengalir
Haihla risq! Awk kan..memang tau!
Tapi seriously, sy mmg syg dia sgt3
Sebab, kitorg penah gaduh, baik balik
Pastu teman each other..
And we trust each other..
I believe that was what friendship is all about
Sume org ade kekurangan
Tapi cmne kita deal dgn kekurangan org tu
Terima diorg seadanya
And completekan diorg
That is much more important :)

Ya Allah
Moga lepas ni, walau apa pun yg kami buat
Ukhwah ini akan terus kekal bersama
Thankyou for being there for me
U're the best friend i ever had in my uni life
Going crazy together..
Thankssss for everything..
Setiap kali saya ingt awk, moga kenangan ini akan terus kekal bersama kita selamanya
Moga awak akan terus bahagia
Bersama cik tunang kesayangan

I still remember masa dia nak exam
Sy la org yg anxious
Sentiasa doa sepanjang masa dia nak longcase
Moga Allah permudahkan urusan dia
Sebab sy syg dia sgt2
May Allah bless our friendship ^^ amin..

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Tgh dgr lagu andai by amy mastura & anuar zain

I dunno what happen to me today
Bkn rasa nk marah ke ape
Tapi ya Allah melankolik ya amattt!
Start lepas hujan tadi la jadi gini

Petang tadi lepas hujan reda
Pergi la jenjalan sekitar ktdi
Hoping that this weird feeling will go away
Jadi ke? Memang xla kan
Dengan angin sepoi2 bahasa
Dengan kesejukannyaa
Memang makin melayan la. Haih!
Naseb xbuat perangai before exam cik hati ni
Memang nak kne lepok tau awak ni

Cik bloggieee
Kalau kan kita nak sesuatu
Kita kne mintak dgn pencipta sesuatu kan
Allah SWT

Pastu kan cik bloggie
Kalau bnde tu almost impossible kan
Rase2nya blh ke kita mintak jugak?
Nak ckp ngan sape pon tatawu
Cuma mampu ckp dgn Allah and dgn awk
Kalau Allah makbulkan
Mmg sayalah org yg paling gembira :)

it was raining

As i was looking outside..
It was raining heavily with all those thunderstorm
Somehow, it feels soo cold and somehow peaceful too

Its been long since i get to reflect and do whatever i wanted to do
Ever since i entered clinical years
I have no time for mushy mushy stuff
So, sitting down by the window..
Looking at the raindrops
Suddenly my heart become melodramatic
I just dont know why
It just happen

Knowing that my journey as a medical student
Almost coming to an end
Leaving all those memories, excellent teachers,
Leaving my good friends
And going to our separate ways
It feels surreal :'(
I just feel like crying my heart out loud

Well yes. Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan
And going thru this phase, my heart seems reluctant to accept the fact.

Oh Allah, i just dont understand why must it feels like this :( i love this moment soo much
Because i feel like i am being me
The jiwang, melodramatic me
Which have not been there for quite some times

I remembered during my study week period
Sometimes things popping up in my mind
And the only thing i can do at that time
Was to shut down that part of my memory
And go on studying
How sad was that. But finally, it was over!

Bloggieee. Ever since i finished my exam, i feel soo empty inside. Why eh? 
I just feel confused. What am i going to do now
How will i survive..
Will i be able to meet up with my friends later
Oh Allah, i will definitely miss her
Especially azura, she's been there with me
Being crazy with me
I will definitely miss her so much
She understand me soo well and i understand her too. She's the best buddy i had in my uni life.

Bloggieee. People ask me, do i like someone?
Do i have anyone..
Entahlah bloggiee. For both questions
The answer is no! 
It feels like there's no room for love anymore
For me love = pain
And to go thru the pain again? Its a big no
Sometimes, i wonder why most of my specialist din get married. Were they busy or were they had broken hearted before?

Then during our course this week for internship
I just realize that, the profession that i choose
As a doctor, i need to sacrifice not only my time, but also my family and even love life.
Its like u're being married to ur work
And i believe that my specialist have that issue too!
I guess they r too career oriented and forget to have their own time, their own love life
Perhaps, at this age, as a 24 years old girl :pp nope. 24 years old lady..things like this will always popped up and i need to get ready for all the questions.
But, i hope i am able to complete my housemanship then, i will insyaAllah, with Allah's will get married to someone
And live happily ever after. Haha! :pp

Anyway, as i was writing this entry
Suddenly the rain stopped 
But the coldness can still be felt
I miss this smell
The smell of the rain :)
Till then bloggie. Have a good day people ^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

crazy side of me

I know i am that weird
How la bloggie? Who actually make me feel like this..

Hailohhhh.. Bloggie!
Nak keluar dari kepompong ni sume
Xlarat nk fikir sudehhh..

The only thing that i can do was..
Staring. Hoping. Praying.
I know how IMPOSSIBLE it is.
But still. I still want it :(

Is it weird? Yeahh. I know its weird
And trulyyyy. It's more impossible :(
I kept on saying its not possible
But my mind keep on denying that fact
And still hope for a miracle to happen
That is me
Part of me being crazy by myself.


going through old days

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggieee..

Cik blog, smlm kita saje la kan go through someone's blog. Dia start blogging since med student and now dah jadi specialist pon. What makes me feel like talking & talking was, despite knowing that cik bloggie was only 'wujud' for me.. Bcoz, i've stopped blogging consistently and subsequently people also forget about ur presence. I feel like whenever i came back here, the memories of all the joy & pain seoalah2 mcm flashback into my mind. The feeling was undescribable.

Cik bloggie. Masa baca the blog, i noticed that dia mcm recap ape yg berlaku 10 years back and dia predict what will happen in another 10 years. Sadly, almost everything dia dh achieved except getting married with 4-5 children. I was like, dr can i show ur older post now.. Congratulations! U have achieved the best achievement in life. I envy u..

So. 20 years back in 1995: i was 4 years old? Haha. The only memory that i have for that was i was sent to kindergarten since 3 y/o. My mum sent me to an english kindergarten. I was soo fluent in english at that time to the extent that i will converse in english with people. I went to tadika islam only when i reach 5 y/o and that too was an achievement for myself for being the 'tokoh murid perempuan' for my tadika islam.

10 years back which was in 2005: where was i at that time? I guess i'm taking my pmr that year. After going to an arabic school before in perak, when i moved to melaka, i choose to be in non-arabic school. Definitely not staying in a hostel like before and my mum's school was just right next door. This year i managed to get straight As for my pmr and that was one of the best thing that happen in my life. Since 12 y/o i keep on asking dad to buy me the winter sonata cd to add into my collection. Sadly, at that time our family was still struggling and that cd was not in the priority list. But then, after i managed to get that kind of result my dad bought me the cd. It was one of the most happiest moment in my life. 

7 years back was in 2008. I was in matriculation in londang. I would say the best best best studying environment with all those best buddy, and i am focusing on my study. With all the hardwork i managed to get 4 flat for every semester and i remembered that i have been called by our lecturer after getting the best result for my math's paper. I can still remember how proud i was and my friend was when a muslim get 100% score for the paper. I guess the maths side in my brain was more active rather than biology :pp knowing people like abez, wan, pa'a and having them as my rumet was the best experience ever! At that particular time i was in a stupidiest state of my mind too! This which i regret the most in my life. Haihhh. So now, i'm planning to brainwash people who r still young not to get involve in r/ship especially when u're just like 18 y/o. Naive sgt! Haha! I guess if i can turn back time i will do it. But remember qada' & qadar. People come & go into ur life and each and everyone of them have their own function and role in our life. *yg budak2 kecik yg gatal nk bercouple2 tu meh sini kita babap montot awk. Nakal ngattt* but still 2008/2009 was the best study experience ever! Oh anyway i remain single till now bcoz of the after effect of past r/ship and i believe that to be dedicated and committed person i need to focus 1 thing at a time. And that was the best decision i made eventhough the process of going thru it was too painful to be remembered.

5 years back in 2010. I was in my first year and 2nd year. Yeahh! Not that good but not that creepy either. I travel to both taiwan and thailand i guess that year. Even i become the group moderator during the conference in KL. Many things happen that year but i am quite sure that it was enjoyable too. 

3 years back in 2012. I just started my clinical years and it was awesome as i started with o&g. Having to oncall and doing delieveries was perfect as an eye opener for us the in the clinical years. And and. I was active in college too. I mean active as in active gile2 sampai rasa cm gila pangkat lak :pppp i am the pengarah for jamuan raya. Timb pengarah for pesta konvo, s/u for sports day, bendahari for hope and not to mentioned ajk & exco for lotssssa stuff. I am also 1 of the college reporter that time. Hak3. How la that happen. 

Last year in 2013 i am 4th yr and in my final yr doing my research on syphilis. It was a great opportunity to learn and i enjoyed it very much. 

Now: 21/04/2015
I am here waiting for my result this friday. Cuaknyeeeer!!!

10 years ahead: 2025
Oh no! Dh capai x wawasan 2020. Katenye tema tu dibuat tahun 1991. That's when i was born. Hik3. Well, i hope the new dr.risq has succeeded in her life. Getting well for exams. Perhaps that time i am already a child psychiatrist. Married? Hopefully i am married that time with 2-3 kids. Just enough and sweet as it should be :)

Ok. Lets stop rambling and get ready for finishing schook programmed. Bye bloggie. Anyway, good morning bloggie :D

memories of clinical pro exam

Hai bloggieeee. Ahah!

Sejak habes exam ni, kdg2 mcm confuse sgt.
Because u have been stucked with all the books. 
And i did sleep with books for nearly a month
What a crazy experience. 
At that particular time, i was wondering will i be able to complete this journey?
And there's soooo many thoughts came thru my mind.

Well. I guess this blog will be with me
Hopefully i will update it every year at least one post. Haha! :pp

So here we goes. Back to the main topic
Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah!
Bloggie. I got o&g case for my long case
I am truly blessed.
Know what, the only thing that still fresh to me was o&g bcoz that was my last posting.
And i asked all my family members and even friends to pray so that i will get an o&g case.

During the first week of exam, i'm having my bff
It was troublesome especially when u experience all the symptoms like tiredness
Plus with lack of focus. I guess i'm having ADHD since childhood bcoz i can't bear staying put for such a long time. Haha :pp please give me the muscle relaxation therapy of the baby elephant! *creepy exam question for psy OSCE*

So, i asked Allah so that my turn for clinical exam will be after i'm finished with my menses. And taraaa. Alhamdulillah. Allah has granted my wish. So i have few days to pray and do some religious thingy before my clinical exam. When u're not allowed to pray during menses, i always feel empty as the connection was not that close as when we're praying. So, aftr continuous effort of praying and asking Allah to help me with my exam. Finally, the day has come.

I remembered the day before it was too stressful to the extent that u can't do anything except asking Allah to help ease ur feeling. That night, i was having all those panic attack symptoms. It was 12 am and i am still having tachycardia with pulse rate of 120 bpm. There's regular rhythm and good volume so no AF. 

So, i pat myself, trying to calm me down and stop the adrenaline rush. But the effort was useless. I comfort myself that this is not a matter of what i've learnt in the past weeks during study week. But all my efforts during this 6 years period. So i said to myself. U must sleep risq! If not u'll be in trouble. It took me more than 45 minutes to fall asleep. I just cant remember what exactly happen  but the moment i woke up its already 4 in the morning. 

Too bad. I cant sleep anymore after that.
So i went on taking bath and pray before starting my revision. *mind u during my study week period, i keep on taking bath everytime i stressed out and that was about more than 5 times a day. Haha! I am that crazy people*

So. At 8am, i realized that the palpitation and pain was unbearable. So i decided to go early to the exam hall. My turn should be at 11am and i was too early until my professor prof shahrir n dr nurman ask me, risq, knp dtg awal sgt, nanti lagi nervous! But i said, i cant bear the palpitation anymore. Haha. So i sat there revising and trying to calm myself down. 

When it was my turn, i was praying secretly that prof would pick an o&g case for me (station b was o&g case at that time)
So, when prof take out the B4 nametag, i was sooo happy and i feel like jumping up and down. Thankyou Allah! I just cant thanked u more. U have given sooo much!

So i had a 33 y/o primary school teacher G3P2, with 2 previous scar for suspected macrosomic baby, currently at 33 weeks POG and underlying chronic hpt and gdm on d/c and history of anaemia in pregnancy. The station was good and i get 2 benign lecturers prof lim peishan and dr laili :) it was daebak! 
Now its just tuesday, but dr ng bk mentioned to us that, all o&g longcase candidate pass the exam. And i was expressing my gratitude to everyone that has been praying for me :)

Shortcase was not that bad and not too good either. I manage to have a peek on my psy station marks and it was 17.5 out of 20. Isn't it great? I guess that schizo pt was a blessed and indeed perhaps its a sign that i'll be a psychiatrist later on life :) ortho was neck and UL examination. But my medical& o&g station was quite bad eventhough dr said he passed me. But overall what i can conclude was the clinical exam was tough and lucky me that i got benign lecturer and hopefully can help me pass my exam.

So thats it. My journey for professional exam. 
Now im in the middle of housemanship training camp. Hopefully by this friday i am a dr. Amin ha rabbal alamin. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

farewell dinner mdukm2015

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggieeee
Hai hai hai

Berjumpa lagi kita.. Selepas tamat exam
Bloggieeee. Tau x, result periksa kita keluar jumaat ni
Should we feel cuak2?

I dunno. I think i did my best eventhough its not perfect. But we never knew Allah's plan. Huk3

Anyway bloggieeee..
Tau ngak. I felt so many adrenaline rush tonite
But one of it was this final year dinner
Haha! Excitedddd ngatttt..

Cemano nih. Anyway. Bnyk gambar amek kat kamera mila and zura
Tapi xsmpt transfer. Phone problematic plak. Isk3. Dapat transfer 4 kpg je..

Tap, best dpt tgkp gambar ngan lecturer bnykkkkk.. Best3!!!

Ni one of my feveret pic and keep my adrenaline rush too. Sejak dr bagi tips utk final exam, serious rasa mcm nak time kaseh bnyk2 gile2 kat dia. Haha. Tqqqq so much dr! May Allah bless u always :)

Ok. Hopefully by this friday dapatla saya ubah title. Bkn jd puan. Tapi dr risq #muahciked