Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

group 15

ok.this is my dearest groupmate during eamsc thailand

standing from left: jack (hongkong), legend (korea), jessica (s'pore), kristen (china), jack (australia), ravy (cambodia), 2 thailand dancing performer, hui lee (indonesia)

sit from left: athena (taiwan), hashimari (japan), emily (china), adithya (indonesia), juin yi and me (malaysia)
*however, we left chang park from uk and noona from korea in this picture*

and.this group is really3 BEST! i really miss my friend here..
huhu..and,from all the people there, i find out that, everyone is a grown up
which is a big siren for me to change myself.
however, last tuesday, i've been to mahkota parade
just hanging out with friend

and.i noticed that,there's one salesgurl..
who managed to make me feel old enough..
HAHA ^_^
finally.after all this while.i'm feeling old.more mature than before
perhaps.u can be more mature in the future ya risq =P
and please.stop babbling about me getting bigger..uwaaaa :(

this diet has killing me after all.
it makes me become bigger than before =_=" big i have been =_="
aiyooo..pon.pon! the alarm sound become louder already dear

eamsc thailand 2011

saye xhapdate pon bloggie tentang eamsc sy kali ini :)
soo sad =_="

all and all,this is my 2nd student conference, the previous one in KL
and this time around it's in bangkok,thailand ^_^
such a memorable.enjoyable.meaningful.cheerful trip to BKK
there's a lot of things to be learn and have been learn there

with the theme 'adolescene health: embracing the future, better the world'
which i can say, we need serious commitment on this topic
because, if we can treat the disease among the teenagers,actually
it helps in improving the generation in the future.

for example,malaysia came out with a very hot topic 'teenage pregnancy'
we can see in malaysia,teenage pregnancy is an issue that should be addressed
since,we can see almost everyday there's an article in newspaper regarding unwanted baby
so,our malaysian academic team came out with a research
about, teenage pregnancy, what is the impact on the individual itself
because, we always care what happen to the community
but, we never focus on the mummy itself, why?? 
the one who is suffering is the baby's mommy
people are blaming her for having a child out of wed-lock :)

and.the best part of it.MALAYSIA won the 1st prize for this research
i'm so proud to be one of the malaysian delegate there ^_^

and so, beside teenage pregnancy,one of the topic that catch my attention is
short sightedness..have u ever wonder,how many of us are wearing glasses?
ok.u,the one reading this entry,r u wearing glasses?
yes right.and,how many of ur friends wearing it too??
too bad..i think,almost 60% of my friends are wearing glasses.
and therefore,this is one of the problem that need our attention

taiwan.china mainland.singapore
this 3 country have came out with a research on the problem
and,china's management in this problem really make me become more interested in this topic
they're doing some sort of exercise
which every student in the primary school need to practice before starting class
u can try google it,or find it in you tube.
it's really relaxing.and very gewd for our eye.and also brain perhaps
it refreshes our day before start studying
perhaps,u guys can try it before you start studying ^_^

hehe.enough babbling about all those stuff.
but really.if you have enough money,don't hesitate to go to amsa conferences
u can learn lottsss of things from other country
how they manage problem in other their tradition
u can also makes friends all over asia.isn't it great! ^_^

for example,this time around, my group have been given task to discuss about alcohol abuse
and how every country manage it
if i were about to discuss about it here,it might take a lott of time.
but, the fact is that, we can see how other country manage their people not to overtake alcohol
and fyi, in thailand, there's no alcohol being sell after 12 am
and it's really true! ^_^

and.i'm having soo much fun there.sight seeing in bangkok ^_^
i manage to go river cruising along chao praya river *please read ur history book*
grand palace of buddha.their bang-pa-in palace
really.if u even watch thai movies, u know how great the place is..
and i day i'll manage to go to KOREA!!
uwaaaa...i wanna go there so much.
*save money.koreaaa..wait for me!*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

dear bloggie

time run very fast isn't it? another 2 months to complete..
such a short time..
my friends in 2nd year are on their way to final already
just 1 months ahead..

this always make me think about everything..
if and only if :)
however.the past is history..
i have to make my new story :)

and.finally,i can sit down and relax
start to think about everything else.what a relief!
no more other stuff in my mind.just my dear bacteria.
and my dear virus.parasite.fungi ^_^

please.Allah.give me some strength to complete this year
with full of determination
and pass with flying colours ^_^

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8th monthsary

selamat ulang tahun ke 8 miss bloggie :)

p/s: p1 wimax agak laju ok..
so,nak say gewdbye to maxis x? HAHA ^_^