Friday, February 4, 2011

group 15

ok.this is my dearest groupmate during eamsc thailand

standing from left: jack (hongkong), legend (korea), jessica (s'pore), kristen (china), jack (australia), ravy (cambodia), 2 thailand dancing performer, hui lee (indonesia)

sit from left: athena (taiwan), hashimari (japan), emily (china), adithya (indonesia), juin yi and me (malaysia)
*however, we left chang park from uk and noona from korea in this picture*

and.this group is really3 BEST! i really miss my friend here..
huhu..and,from all the people there, i find out that, everyone is a grown up
which is a big siren for me to change myself.
however, last tuesday, i've been to mahkota parade
just hanging out with friend

and.i noticed that,there's one salesgurl..
who managed to make me feel old enough..
HAHA ^_^
finally.after all this while.i'm feeling old.more mature than before
perhaps.u can be more mature in the future ya risq =P
and please.stop babbling about me getting bigger..uwaaaa :(

this diet has killing me after all.
it makes me become bigger than before =_=" big i have been =_="
aiyooo..pon.pon! the alarm sound become louder already dear

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