Saturday, July 3, 2010

mari menguruskan badan..

wawawa! aish! inilah perkara yg slalu je xjd dr dulu..
sudah pelbagai cre dilakukan..namun..
xjugak turun2 ke berat idaman..ahaha :P

tp lately mcm nmpk perubahan yee..
berat pon dah menurun.3 minggu dok umah
w'pun mkn tido.mkn.tido
bjayer krgkan 5kg ^_^
(pencapaian yg membanggekan yee..haha)

ok.menurut teman sy ASIDA.
kne puasa nasik 3 BULAN! (and.itu bkl menyebabkan gastrik kembali ye)
rasenye.untuk permulaan ni.kita blh mula dgn mengambil meal
skali dlm shari yg berat
and.bnykkan mkn buah+sayur
air WAJIB minum 1.5liter AT LEAST ^_^

w'pun untuk kuar berexercise itu amat PAYAH bg saya.haha :P
terapi terkini yg nmpk bagus.and xmemenatkan sgt
MENARI! selain dpt krgkn berat bdn,bdn kita jd ringan
and akn menambahkan keGIRANGan dlm hidup!
siyesly! sronok dpt menari..
cube dgr lagu sorry sorry-by SUPER JUNIOR
and menari ikut mereka.
itu adalah exercise termudah slain berjogging..
kemas umah pon! menyapu+mengemop tu exercise pinggang..
angkat2 brg+masak exercise tgn..
and.membebel tu exercise MULUT =P

ni antara tips utk kuruskan badan (time kaseh enche google)

1) HINDARI mknan2 mcm coklat,junk fruit..etc etc
2) TIDUR yg secukupnya.(i likee this =P) make sure bgn awl,pkol7/8,dan tidur pkol 12.
sbb,mlm2 sbnrnye,ade proses yg blaku dlm bdn which i 4get what
kalau xtido mlm,proses tu xbpae nk sempurna..
3) BREAKFAST! u need it,sbb akn mnyebabkan anda krg mkn pd waktu lunch nanti
4) jgn bg diri anda KELAPARAN berpnjgn.itu akn menyebabkn anda mkn dgn lebih bnyk
5) kurangkn minuman BERAIS! and start with SKY JUICE..
6) SMILE! senyum itu pengubat stress.stress=mkn bnyk.jadi bnykkan senyum okeh ^_^

JADI! harap2 rakan2 di luar sne dpt doakan sy
bjayer menguruskan bdn..sblom bln AUGUST ini.

kpd sume org.sile bgn awl!^_^
(peringatan utk diri sendirik sbnrnye nih..haha)
bgn awl bgos.muka bersih.xberminyak!
rezeki pon murah..
PLUS! metabolisme badan tinggi..hehe

Friday, July 2, 2010

love has no boundaries..


kasih syg..L.O.V.E..
it has NO boundaries..
it's easy to love somebody..
but to forget someone we IMPOSSIBLE!

lihatlah keajaiban..even binatang pon ade kasih syg..
walau lama terpisah..
that lion still remember its guardian..

About this story:
1969,John Randall&Ace Berg saw a lion cubs for sale in Harrods.
Cramped&lonely in a small cage.
So, they decided to bring it home

A local vicar allowed them to exercise the cub
now named Christian,in the church grounds but..
he quickly became too big for their flat

The only thing they could do was to try to reintroduce him to Africa
which they managed to do
A year later......
they wanted to visit him but were told that he was the head of his own pride
and as such was completely wild and would not remembered them
Undaunted, they went away to see him..

After many hours of looking for the pride..
what happen when they met the wild lion..
the wild lion run very fast towards them..
he was very excited meeting them..he hug them..kissed them..
he even introduce them to his wife..

as for me! this is a very very TOUCHING! WONDERFUL story..
a love..between a guardian and their animal..
when u love someone..u will always hope..
that they will always happy..
no matter what..even if u have to sacrifice..
by looking them from far away..
u already smile..
it's the POWER OF LOVE! ^_^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

kerjaya+cita2 vs. cinta+rumahtangga

ohh! mcm serius je kn topik ni ^_^
tapi.skadar utk berceloteh je..

Mr.Nasir sedang outstation kerana menghadiri kursus di Kuala Lumpur
pada pkol 10.00mlm-Mr.Nasir menelefon anaknya
Mr.N: buat ape tu Mira?
Mira: ayah..mira laparrr :'(
Mr.N: mane ibu?? =_="
Mr.N terus bergegas meninggalkan kursus,selepas tamat sesi hari itu.
semata-mata utk melihat anaknya..
(ok! here we are.where's Mira's mother a.k.a Mr.N's wife)

isteri kpd Mr.Nasir adalah seorang pekerja yg sgt cemerlang
sering mndpt anugerah pekerja terbaek di tmpt kerjanya
namun begitu,mengapakah pada pkol 10 mlm
ketika Mr.Nasir menelefon anaknya,anaknya mengadu belum menjamah apa2 lagi?
di mana tanggungjawab si ibu??

komen saya:
dlm dunia skrg,wanita berkerjaya is a very COMMON thing
kdg2,kalau dilihat,mgkin pgkat si isteri lebih tinggi dari pangkat si suami
namun begitu,sbg wanita a married woman
we need to be balanced
(oppssiee..we ke?? haha..all woman larh)
mak sy ckp.u can't be perfect in BOTH!
it's either u excel in ur WORK.or.HOME's not impossible.
tanggungjawab still tanggungjawab.
w'pun xdpt completekn dgn least.try ur best! to give the best to the person u ur family. a husband.perlu juga bertolak ansur dgn isteri
(mcm my daddy..w'pun xla sgt =P)

and.from my POINT OF VIEW
sbg anak kpd wanita yg berkerjaya.
kita perlu sgt BERDIKARI! u can't really depends on ur parents
kdg2,drg g keje.balek lmbt.
sape nk bg mkn? sbb tu kne blaja..
msk sndiri.ataupun,sbg alas perut pon
roti kn ade.goreng telur.siap! ^_^

TOLERANSI! and saling melengkapi..
that's what needed in any relationship..
sbb tu,kalau tgk rmai org,lepas ade anak..kdg2 xtahan,becerai..
especially those yg keje besar2..
anak pengikat ksh syg..jgn anda dibebani oleh mereka!
itulah bukti kasih syg anda pd psgn anda..
bertolak ansur.dan sering bertawakkal kpd ALLAH.
insyaALLAH.setiap kesabaran dibalas dgn KEBAHAGIAAN yg berpanjangan ^_^

1 month anniversary

mase berlalu dgn SANGAT pantas!,my blog is OFFICIALLY 1 month old..
wah.mcm anak plak rasenye.haha ^_^
and.ade 53 entry utk this JUNE.
quite a number i think.hahaha ^_^

and.hope.u'll last long dear..
i'll take care of u..for as long as i can..
ur my ONLY sunshine

p/s: the power of writing.sometimes.u just want to bable about everything
but.u can't hope that everyone wants to hear it. the ONE which i can depends on.
whatever i said.whatever mood i'm in.
whether i'm sad.whether i'm happy.u always there
hahaha..bleh xckp cmtu ngn BLOG?:P

.midnite muvie.

10.20pm-12.40pm GSC Dataran Pahlawan..

u wouldn't have imagine
haha.xsgke.i am going out with my dady+mummy+abg cik
watching a midnite muvie..
i was just joking at 1st..
but my dad.take it seriously..
for such a long time.they've never step into a cinema.
and for me.this is my first midnite muvie! dad+mum did have a chance sitting together.haha
just like a loving couple! i likeee.. ^_^
and.i sit beside my bro.eating LARGE popcorn+mineral water
i really2 like the moment..

KARATE KID! a wonderful story.
maybe u can already predict the plot.
but! there's a lott of input u can learn..
strive for excellent! never give up! and.determination

"sometimes life may failed u.but,u urself can choose.either to wake up and fight or be down.and regretting all ur past life"

and i choose! to wake up! and FIGHT!
and i know.if Dre can do it.
i can do it as well..
way to go gurl.. ^_^

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

slamat pengantin baru mr.haziq ^_^

(gamba ini ihsan dr FESBUK EX-KP

maybe it's a bit late.but still
may ALLAH bless u and ur wife..Mrs.Ada

melangkah ke alam perkahwinan is really a tough job!
u have a lot of responsibilities to be taken
there's soo many front of u guys
but then,slalulah ingt,dgn REDHA+KEBERKATAN olehnya
insyaALLAH..everything going to be fine..

semoga kamu bahagia ke anak cucu..
jadi HUBBY+WIFE yg soleh+solehah..
insyaALLAH..moga dpt zuriat yg sempurna..
soleh.solehah.dan menjadi kebanggaan ibu+ayah

siang chi bunuh diri??

betul ke x ape yg aku dgr?? =_="
huhu..bru je dok ulang tyg tgk cite WINTER SONATA nih..
xsgke of the hero dlm cite ni bunuh diri..iskk

dia dikatakan menggantung diri
gne wayar charger handset dye..
org jmpe dye tgantung kat rumah..
polis still siasat kejadian tu..
tapi,siang chi ni ade call femili dye ckp i'm sorry..i'm sorry..
and ayh dye pon ade saket kanser perut..

tapi kenapa?? knp kne buat mcm tu..awk sgt comel
dahla bru 33 :'(
takpela..mgkin awk xsgup hadapi cabaran dunia..
to siang chi a.k.a park yong-ha
may u rest in peace..

kwn2..jgn amek tindakan suke suki cmni taw
stiap problem,mesti ade solution
even amek mse yg lame.atau mse yg kejap
as time goes by..insyaALLAH,ur pain will heal..
bunuh diri..mmgla hlg dr masalah..xde jmpe ape2 probs dah
ape korg nk jwb dgn Yang MAHA ESA??
hadapilah cabaran dgn GAGAH..walau diri tu LEMAH sgt2..
sbb ALLAH xkn uji hambanya yg xkuat..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my memory..


Winter sonata OST-My memory

My Memory
I remembered everything
I can see even a little thing
When i close my eyes..
You're far away in a place that I can't reach
I didn't say i love you or say i'll wait for you

I really didn't imagine
meeting u again
I still love you
I'll confess that to you now
I wanna love you forever
If it's not too late
Be with me forever

Even though, my heart live without you
for a long time
You're still in my heart

I really didn't imagine
meeting u again
I'll confess that to you now
I wanna love you forever
If it's not too late
Be with me forever...

p/s: skrg masih lagi dlm mood Winter Sonata..
and.enjoy the song..
best kalau nk layan jiwang.hehehe ^_^

ayam sweet sour

haritu penah ade org request
suh masak ayam goreng sweet sour..
haha ^_^

jadi.carik2la resipi kat web nih..
then terjumpe kat satu blog nih
maka dgn itu,marilah sme2 mencube resipi ini yek @_@



500gm ayam [potong kecil dan bersihkan]
1 s/k kunyit
1 s/k garam
5 s/b tomato sos
3 s/b cili sos
1 s/k gula
1/2 cawan air
1 biji tomato [potong baji]
sedikit kacang peas
minyak untuk goreng ayam

Bahan mayang:
3 ulas bawang merah
3 ulas bawang putih
2 cm halia
3 biji cili merah
3 biji cili hijau

Bahan hiasan:
daun sup dan daun bawang [potong pendek]

1. Gaulkan ayam dgn garam & kunyit.
2. Panaskan minyak dan gorengkan sehingga masak [jangan garing..nanti ayam keras]
3. Angkatkan ayam dan ketepikan.Tinggalkan sedikit minyak untuk menumis bahan mayang.
4. Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bahan mayang sehingga wangi.
5. Masukkan air,tomato sos,cili sos,kacang peas,tomato buah dan gula.Biarkan sehingga mendideh.
6. Masukkan ayam dan renehkan sebentar.
7. Masukkan potongan daun sup dan daun bawang.
8. Angkat dan hidangkan.

p/s: i've tried the resipi..
ikut je..and sgt sedap! ayah+abg cik+mak sume puji ^_^
(bangge diri plak..haha =P)
yg ayam tu,xpayah la 500g btol2 pon,yg pntg kuah
and kalau xnk msam sgt,blh reducekn sos tomato ^_^


(thanks to hlovate + my dear sbb pinjamkn quote ini)

sometimes.kite perlu berpura2 kn
pura2 kuat walaupun sbnrnye kat dlm mcm nk runtuh
pura2 gembira walaupun sbnrnye dlm hati mcm nk banjir
pura2 sihat..walaupun diri ini sakit

and.i choose the BEST time utk emo kali ni..haha ^_^
tgh2 ujan lebat..
tgh2 sume org tido..
tgh2 rumah ni sunyi sepi..and yg hanya ada..
lampu+music+my lappy

and i know! ALLAH ade.w'pun ssh/sng..
i will never forget u..
because,u never forget me..
u always accept me for what i am..

happy birthday syg ^_^


BELL!!~ haha..dah 20 dah ko..
taneah syg! welcome to adult world..slamat tinggal TEENS..
aku x 20 lg..yeah2!! =P

my dearest BELL..
semoga pnjg umo..murah rezeki.. a good doctor as well ^_^
keep doing ur best in everything ur doing..
hidup AMSA!!
i love you ex-pblmate..

Monday, June 28, 2010

toy story 3

GSC Dataran Pahlawan - 28062010

dating! yeayyy..suke2 ^_^
time kaseh abg cik..sbb bwk uyah jalan2..hehe
i tought nk tgk KARATE KID with him..tapi..
since he never watch 3D muvie..
so then,we decided to watch TOY STORY 3 3D version rating 4 out of 5
u shud watch the muvi as well okeyh ;)
cite dye sgt menarik..
since today is,xramai org! and kami dating berdue..
hahahaha..mak+ayah keje,jadi xley ikot =_="

it's about,ANDY..he's growing up..
dah xmaen ngn teddy2+all the toys lagik..
( teddy mcm tu juge kee??)
andy dah nk g,mak dye suh buang sume2 toys dye
tapi dye syg toys dye.and just nk letak kat ats je..
but then,mak dye ingt dye nk buang..

toys tu sume pon smpai kat SUNNYSIDE.tmpt daycare.
talam due muke je teddy2 kat situ.drg mcm swonok trime andy's toys
tapi actually,drg ade agenda tersendiri.
drg kenekan toys2 tu sume..
the toys then realised,ape yg woody ckp tu btol
andy still sygkn sume toys2 tuh
bknnye andy nk buang drg.and drg sdr.they shud be beside andy.
and ade bnyk lg bnde jd..bla bla bla..

the most KELAKAR part is mase BUZZ jd spanish..
wahaha.abg cik+uyah gelak guling2 =P
gile..seniorita..sume hape sume kluar..

and the most TOUCHING part..
mase drg masok dlm garbage bin..and hmpir2 nk mati
when they all hold each other hand..
pastu..mase andy bwk drg g umah BONNIE
and play the toys dgn BONNIE
all this buat sy rse nk menangis..tapi COVER larhh..haha
but who said katun xbleh touches our heart??
kdg2 lg trase okeyh ^_^

kesimpulannya,BEST! xrugi melayang dwet beli tiket..hehe
and.abg cik sgt enjoy 3D.siap nk tgk lg.. =_="
happy to make u happy..

p/s: jalan2 ngn abg cik sgt mesti pelik tgk kita jln2 smbey gelak
haha.ur sooo FUNNY! ade sorg salesgirl bg ketas kosong kat dye
pelik tgk dye belek2 ketas tuh..naseb aku tegur,kalau x,mgkin he'll ask the salesgirl
knp bg ketas kosong?? haha
AND it actually..a perfume paper.kan ke org smbur suh cium bau.
PROBLEMATIC btol abg ku yg comel ituh..haha..

.music of my heart.

inside of MISS RISQ..
i really really love music..everything..
especially instrumental and slow music..

out of all music instrument.i choose PIANO+KEYBOARD ^_^
since i'm just a small kiddo..
always.and always dream of being a pianist..
when i'm standard 2/3 if not mistaken,my dad does have intention to send me to piano class
but,i couldn't remember why do i didn't go to that class.. started with a small keyboard
(u can see this keyboard at the CHEAP! ^_^)
this is my very 1st keyboard..
even it's just small.i do keep playing..
and i can make my own notes..
i can play some songs..lyk 'London bridge'
and many more.. LB is the simplest note i can play..

my 2 big bro does go to violin classes..
and they do participate in orchestra long time ago..
abg tam.Gred 6/5 in violin..and abg cik gred 3/4
(abg tam have experience participate in junior philharmonic orchestra)
they're very good in playing violin..

and now.i have a new keyboard.since 12,a gift from my daddy
for my UPSR result..
it's bigger than the previous one..
i can play a lott of song..
sometimes,we can just find the notes ourselves..just listen to the music
and u can just press the's like a heartbeat
and lotss.. moree..

music is part of me..and i wish!
one day,i'll have my own piano..
wanna play all the the one ur listening ryt now..

people say..DREAM do come true ryt ^_^
how i wish..
let the music heal ur soul..ngeeee
and use it as a release ur tense..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

germany vs. england

ok then..
have to ADMIT!~ germany was really really AWESOME! ^_^
and.kne tabek spring juge laahhh..
tarik balek kutuk germany dlu2..
JAHA..u winn!!~^_^ hahaha..

THOMAS MUELLER..btol ke x aku eja ni,xsure la plak..hehe @_@
youngest player..but yet with a really great spirit!
bnyk goal germany,telah disumbangkn oleh dia
and aku xsmpt lelap pon tgk match ni..
after the 4th goal..dye dikuarkan..
suppose..taktik germany larhhh...
KLOSE jugeee hebat!!~ ^_^ and.and.comel jugee..hehe

tapi kan..kureng la plak suke kat ROONEY nih..
ape yg aku perhati..he keep on bwk bola sorg2
mcm dye blh score jekk..u need help la cik!!~
dlu2..mcm sgt suke rooney nih..haha..tapi today..
dah kuar satu pkataan..dia GILE KUASE! @_@

tapi overall..match ni sgt best!
yg xpuas hati sket..mase eng 2nd goal..
suppose refree ckp x kn..
xpela..ingt kn drg akn mkin bersemngat and balas balik kat germany!
takdir..nk GERMANY menang..

p/s: ok..pasni kite tgk BRAZIL ngn PORTUGAL nye performance
btw,antara GERMANY ngn SPAIN..sape agy hebat yeee ^_^

winter sonata...

winter sonata- year 2002

i still remember! this is the 1st korean drama yg bwt my heart melt sgt2..
and disebabkan this story
sy mule minat korean drama..
sy mule minat everything about korea
(ade sape2 nk bwk sy g korea x?? hehe..)

ohh! Jiang jun Xiang..Cheng U jin..
i love u guys..
sronok ulang tayang cite ni dari semalam..using the CD! ^_^
watak2 dlm cite nih..
..jun xiang,u-jin,siang chi,chai ling..
this is the very BEST part..sronoknye berCHENTA mcm ni kn kn :D
sweeeeeettt ^_^ malu2..haha
perfect couple!^_^ nk jun xiang yg comel ituuu @_@
even kamu dah tuwe pon..even ramai lelaki ensem yg lain pon
hati sy ttp pd kamu jun xiang..ahakssss!!~ =P

some things that i've learnt from this story..
sme mcm sweet sour..penambahan ilmu la ni ^_^

jgn TAKUT untuk kehilangan someone that u love
when u afraid,u tend to act like a different person..
u try to act,cube utk jd org lain.cube utk jd perfect sgt2..
and sometimes..u cheated..sbb xnk org lain dekati org yg kamu sygi
the person u the way u are.
and not because u r someone else.. something yg dtg sgt NATURALLY
bkn dipaksa..bkn diminta..
just be urself..and act the way u r..

jika ditakdirkan kamu berpisah dgn dia..
doakan kebahagiaan dia..jgn salahkan takdir..
u shud be GLAD sbb u have the love and to be love by someone
and if and only if
ur meant to be together..
satu hari nanti..u'll meet them again
just have FAITH..
sbb only HE knows..

PEREMPUAN..we ussually tend utk salahkan org lain
when our love is not getting well
contohnya..chai ling..salahkan u-jinn bile min xiang tersuka u-jinn
it's not his fault! dan juge bkn slh u-jinn
it is meant to be that way..
sbb takdir tetapkan begitu..
min xiang sygkan chai chai ling tipu dye bnyk kali
and he couldn't love her..
chai ling cube utk jd org lain..sbb takut dgn byg2 sndiri..
takut min xiang suke u-jinn mcm mane jun xiang suke u-jinn dlu
kalau she just act normally..maybe things will turned out well

mungkin satu masa dulu min xiang pernah syg chai ling..
he care! he love! he really do..
tapi as i said dlm post dlu..
people's do CHANGE! and love slalu ade ups and down..
hakikat itu yg xsume org blh terima..sdgkn itu adelah sifat manusia
cume satu je cinta abadi..CINTA DIA! ^_^

jadi..yg sebenarnya..apa yg boleh kita buat adalah..
LOOK into urself..
find ur own strength..find ur old self
jadi diri sndiri..sbb,if the person love u..
he/she will love u the way u r..
the way u act..the way u move..the way u dress
the way u smile..the way u talk..
everything..he/she will accept u..
because he/she fell in love with u..not other person..
baiki diri sendiri..and make sure
when u have the chance to be in love again
u won't repeat the same mistakes..again n again..

gewdluck in ur relationship everyone..
learn from ur mistakes..and make ur life the best!!~ ^_^