Monday, June 28, 2010

.music of my heart.

inside of MISS RISQ..
i really really love music..everything..
especially instrumental and slow music..

out of all music instrument.i choose PIANO+KEYBOARD ^_^
since i'm just a small kiddo..
always.and always dream of being a pianist..
when i'm standard 2/3 if not mistaken,my dad does have intention to send me to piano class
but,i couldn't remember why do i didn't go to that class.. started with a small keyboard
(u can see this keyboard at the CHEAP! ^_^)
this is my very 1st keyboard..
even it's just small.i do keep playing..
and i can make my own notes..
i can play some songs..lyk 'London bridge'
and many more.. LB is the simplest note i can play..

my 2 big bro does go to violin classes..
and they do participate in orchestra long time ago..
abg tam.Gred 6/5 in violin..and abg cik gred 3/4
(abg tam have experience participate in junior philharmonic orchestra)
they're very good in playing violin..

and now.i have a new keyboard.since 12,a gift from my daddy
for my UPSR result..
it's bigger than the previous one..
i can play a lott of song..
sometimes,we can just find the notes ourselves..just listen to the music
and u can just press the's like a heartbeat
and lotss.. moree..

music is part of me..and i wish!
one day,i'll have my own piano..
wanna play all the the one ur listening ryt now..

people say..DREAM do come true ryt ^_^
how i wish..
let the music heal ur soul..ngeeee
and use it as a release ur tense..


+farah+ said...

walaupun aku amek music 3rd sem dlu,
aku boleh kate aku bute music lagi smpai skrg. hahahahaha. :P

^risq_munirah^ said...

hahaha ^_^
sengal! best kannn music..

ingt x mase g POPULAR??
yg aku tnye ko dgr one man's dream piano version x mse lagu tu tgh psg gune ape ntah..
ko bleh xsdr..iskk =_="

sape chekgu music ko eh?? nk g repottt..hahahahaha =P

+farah+ said...

best la sbb sng nk skor. wahaha :P utk belajar jd mcm ko ni, xpela. aku xrajen. heheheh XD

wahahaha. mane aku tau. tgh bace buku la katekan :P dan aku xrecall lgsg. kecuali lagu french smlm tuu :))) lee. jgn. die garang! :P

^risq_munirah^ said...

wakaka.miss lee!!!
sile lihat ank muridmu inih.
hahaha =P

err.lagu yg carla tu eh eh?! haha :P
jgn lupe mamat mate biru :-*