Thursday, May 30, 2013

reminding self :)

assalamualaikum WBT and hyeeeeeee!

eh bloggie. it seems like ages, but still within few months kan?
holaaaa bloggie! well.this post is just to remind myself
why? and for what reason that i wanna be a doctor ;)

well bloggie. as u know, i am not the one that choose to be a doctor at first
it was choosen by my family, to be exact my daddy's hope
when i finished up my matrics, i got an opportunity to pursue my study overseas in UK
in bachelor of pure maths, which is my fav subject since years ago
even in matrics, i managed to get full marks for one of the exam
however, Allah is the Almighty.
we can plan, but HE knows the best for us.

well, when my dad knew that i also got the offer from UKM to be a medical doctor
he was so excited and happy
besides, he also ask me to just ignore the UK offer.
If i were to go to UK, i'll spent about 3 years there and of course when i return, i'll be placed as lecturer in any matriculation in Malaysia.

but then, even it saddened me, but finally, i trust in my instinct to continue my journey
and decided to be a medical doctor.
well, as the journey started, i almost feel like dying
as biology is not my fav subject at all!
and of course during my first yr, i have to repeat the year all over again
which at that moment, i really2 regret it so much, and keep on blaming myself
for not choosing what i really2 want

but then, as years goes by
and now finally i almost finished 65% of my journey
and only left 1 and 1/2 years to continue.
even the starting is not that good, but finally at this moment
i finally can breathe and i'm sooo happy with what i have now.

people. ever since i'm in primary school
if anybody does ask me, what is my ambition?
i would say that my ambition is to be a prof. dr =PPP
and i still remember how weird their faces are when i said that
well, at that time, my only concern is i want my name to be as long as it can be.
Prof. Dr. Risq Atiqah Munirah bt Mohamed Mustafa
that is just my dream.

even now, i still feel the urge to get that title,
one fine day insyaAllah people ;)

and now. i am soooo obsessed with my psychiatry posting
well you know, i just discovered that
from all my posting before,
this is what suit me the most, and make my life happier
the satisfaction that i feel when people coming in looking very miserable
and when the dr treats them, they live their life happily
that is my aim
that is my goal!

well people. i just discovered that i always put someone that i really love
way ahead of me
because, last time when i went to pulau perhentian,
i still remember when i only have few ringgits in my wallet
the only thing that came into my mind
is to buy my parent and my family souvenir
and i didn't get any for myself @@
that's how i am

and i know, psychiatry will be the best for me
because i love to see people smiling
and become happy when they see us
even, i do really love to read the psychiatry books compared to other medical book
and i really hope to be like one of my specialist.

my hope and my dream
is to be a geriatric or children/adolescent psychiatrist
and, my target for this posting 
is to get an A for the posting
i really2 want that! insyaAllah ^^

p/s: ok. enough mumbling ;) hehehe.