Thursday, July 1, 2010

.midnite muvie.

10.20pm-12.40pm GSC Dataran Pahlawan..

u wouldn't have imagine
haha.xsgke.i am going out with my dady+mummy+abg cik
watching a midnite muvie..
i was just joking at 1st..
but my dad.take it seriously..
for such a long time.they've never step into a cinema.
and for me.this is my first midnite muvie! dad+mum did have a chance sitting together.haha
just like a loving couple! i likeee.. ^_^
and.i sit beside my bro.eating LARGE popcorn+mineral water
i really2 like the moment..

KARATE KID! a wonderful story.
maybe u can already predict the plot.
but! there's a lott of input u can learn..
strive for excellent! never give up! and.determination

"sometimes life may failed u.but,u urself can choose.either to wake up and fight or be down.and regretting all ur past life"

and i choose! to wake up! and FIGHT!
and i know.if Dre can do it.
i can do it as well..
way to go gurl.. ^_^

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