Tuesday, April 21, 2015

going through old days

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggieee..

Cik blog, smlm kita saje la kan go through someone's blog. Dia start blogging since med student and now dah jadi specialist pon. What makes me feel like talking & talking was, despite knowing that cik bloggie was only 'wujud' for me.. Bcoz, i've stopped blogging consistently and subsequently people also forget about ur presence. I feel like whenever i came back here, the memories of all the joy & pain seoalah2 mcm flashback into my mind. The feeling was undescribable.

Cik bloggie. Masa baca the blog, i noticed that dia mcm recap ape yg berlaku 10 years back and dia predict what will happen in another 10 years. Sadly, almost everything dia dh achieved except getting married with 4-5 children. I was like, dr can i show ur older post now.. Congratulations! U have achieved the best achievement in life. I envy u..

So. 20 years back in 1995: i was 4 years old? Haha. The only memory that i have for that was i was sent to kindergarten since 3 y/o. My mum sent me to an english kindergarten. I was soo fluent in english at that time to the extent that i will converse in english with people. I went to tadika islam only when i reach 5 y/o and that too was an achievement for myself for being the 'tokoh murid perempuan' for my tadika islam.

10 years back which was in 2005: where was i at that time? I guess i'm taking my pmr that year. After going to an arabic school before in perak, when i moved to melaka, i choose to be in non-arabic school. Definitely not staying in a hostel like before and my mum's school was just right next door. This year i managed to get straight As for my pmr and that was one of the best thing that happen in my life. Since 12 y/o i keep on asking dad to buy me the winter sonata cd to add into my collection. Sadly, at that time our family was still struggling and that cd was not in the priority list. But then, after i managed to get that kind of result my dad bought me the cd. It was one of the most happiest moment in my life. 

7 years back was in 2008. I was in matriculation in londang. I would say the best best best studying environment with all those best buddy, and i am focusing on my study. With all the hardwork i managed to get 4 flat for every semester and i remembered that i have been called by our lecturer after getting the best result for my math's paper. I can still remember how proud i was and my friend was when a muslim get 100% score for the paper. I guess the maths side in my brain was more active rather than biology :pp knowing people like abez, wan, pa'a and having them as my rumet was the best experience ever! At that particular time i was in a stupidiest state of my mind too! This which i regret the most in my life. Haihhh. So now, i'm planning to brainwash people who r still young not to get involve in r/ship especially when u're just like 18 y/o. Naive sgt! Haha! I guess if i can turn back time i will do it. But remember qada' & qadar. People come & go into ur life and each and everyone of them have their own function and role in our life. *yg budak2 kecik yg gatal nk bercouple2 tu meh sini kita babap montot awk. Nakal ngattt* but still 2008/2009 was the best study experience ever! Oh anyway i remain single till now bcoz of the after effect of past r/ship and i believe that to be dedicated and committed person i need to focus 1 thing at a time. And that was the best decision i made eventhough the process of going thru it was too painful to be remembered.

5 years back in 2010. I was in my first year and 2nd year. Yeahh! Not that good but not that creepy either. I travel to both taiwan and thailand i guess that year. Even i become the group moderator during the conference in KL. Many things happen that year but i am quite sure that it was enjoyable too. 

3 years back in 2012. I just started my clinical years and it was awesome as i started with o&g. Having to oncall and doing delieveries was perfect as an eye opener for us the in the clinical years. And and. I was active in college too. I mean active as in active gile2 sampai rasa cm gila pangkat lak :pppp i am the pengarah for jamuan raya. Timb pengarah for pesta konvo, s/u for sports day, bendahari for hope and not to mentioned ajk & exco for lotssssa stuff. I am also 1 of the college reporter that time. Hak3. How la that happen. 

Last year in 2013 i am 4th yr and in my final yr doing my research on syphilis. It was a great opportunity to learn and i enjoyed it very much. 

Now: 21/04/2015
I am here waiting for my result this friday. Cuaknyeeeer!!!

10 years ahead: 2025
Oh no! Dh capai x wawasan 2020. Katenye tema tu dibuat tahun 1991. That's when i was born. Hik3. Well, i hope the new dr.risq has succeeded in her life. Getting well for exams. Perhaps that time i am already a child psychiatrist. Married? Hopefully i am married that time with 2-3 kids. Just enough and sweet as it should be :)

Ok. Lets stop rambling and get ready for finishing schook programmed. Bye bloggie. Anyway, good morning bloggie :D

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