Friday, April 24, 2015

the feeling

Bloggieee. Hai again ^^

Cik bloggie. Tau x. Actually this morning kan
I received whatsapp from my buddy prof shahrir
At first mcm speechless.

Dapat msg around 9.40 am cmtu
Result announce 10.30 am
So i know my results an hour earlier

Masa dpt msg tu
Menggigil sangat tangan
Mcm xpcaye. Mcm nak nanges.
Mmg dah nanges pon lah kan
Tapi lepas tu xde kredit
Pastu terus call ibu gune phone zura
Tapi xbgtau zura sbb takut xbetul
Result kan belom official

Pastu.. Waktu melangkah dalam dewan
Baca bismillah bnyk2
There i goooo.
And alhamdulillah its true :)
I am a happy girl. Truly blessed!

Masa nama kne panggil
I remember that eye..looking from far
With smile. And how terkejut i am
Smpai menggigil tangan, raup muka. Raup tangan. Hailohhhh. Mmg serba xkena
Tapi thanks.. Thankyou prof :)
And thanks to you too!
I am truly blessed.. For having a chance
To set my eyes on u
For the last time
Before i walk out from hukm gate
I know how impossible it is..
But today Allah has shown me
Nothing is impossible!
When u believe..

Because i never expect or aiming for distinction
I had this dream years ago
But, unfortunately it was torn away when i repeat my year in year 1
However, i am truly blessed that Allah given me
This golden opportunity
I believe its like an open door
For me to pursue my master programme later
And becoming a specialist. InsyaAllah ^^
Thank you Allah!

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