Tuesday, April 21, 2015

memories of clinical pro exam

Hai bloggieeee. Ahah!

Sejak habes exam ni, kdg2 mcm confuse sgt.
Because u have been stucked with all the books. 
And i did sleep with books for nearly a month
What a crazy experience. 
At that particular time, i was wondering will i be able to complete this journey?
And there's soooo many thoughts came thru my mind.

Well. I guess this blog will be with me
Hopefully i will update it every year at least one post. Haha! :pp

So here we goes. Back to the main topic
Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah!
Bloggie. I got o&g case for my long case
I am truly blessed.
Know what, the only thing that still fresh to me was o&g bcoz that was my last posting.
And i asked all my family members and even friends to pray so that i will get an o&g case.

During the first week of exam, i'm having my bff
It was troublesome especially when u experience all the symptoms like tiredness
Plus with lack of focus. I guess i'm having ADHD since childhood bcoz i can't bear staying put for such a long time. Haha :pp please give me the muscle relaxation therapy of the baby elephant! *creepy exam question for psy OSCE*

So, i asked Allah so that my turn for clinical exam will be after i'm finished with my menses. And taraaa. Alhamdulillah. Allah has granted my wish. So i have few days to pray and do some religious thingy before my clinical exam. When u're not allowed to pray during menses, i always feel empty as the connection was not that close as when we're praying. So, aftr continuous effort of praying and asking Allah to help me with my exam. Finally, the day has come.

I remembered the day before it was too stressful to the extent that u can't do anything except asking Allah to help ease ur feeling. That night, i was having all those panic attack symptoms. It was 12 am and i am still having tachycardia with pulse rate of 120 bpm. There's regular rhythm and good volume so no AF. 

So, i pat myself, trying to calm me down and stop the adrenaline rush. But the effort was useless. I comfort myself that this is not a matter of what i've learnt in the past weeks during study week. But all my efforts during this 6 years period. So i said to myself. U must sleep risq! If not u'll be in trouble. It took me more than 45 minutes to fall asleep. I just cant remember what exactly happen  but the moment i woke up its already 4 in the morning. 

Too bad. I cant sleep anymore after that.
So i went on taking bath and pray before starting my revision. *mind u during my study week period, i keep on taking bath everytime i stressed out and that was about more than 5 times a day. Haha! I am that crazy people*

So. At 8am, i realized that the palpitation and pain was unbearable. So i decided to go early to the exam hall. My turn should be at 11am and i was too early until my professor prof shahrir n dr nurman ask me, risq, knp dtg awal sgt, nanti lagi nervous! But i said, i cant bear the palpitation anymore. Haha. So i sat there revising and trying to calm myself down. 

When it was my turn, i was praying secretly that prof would pick an o&g case for me (station b was o&g case at that time)
So, when prof take out the B4 nametag, i was sooo happy and i feel like jumping up and down. Thankyou Allah! I just cant thanked u more. U have given sooo much!

So i had a 33 y/o primary school teacher G3P2, with 2 previous scar for suspected macrosomic baby, currently at 33 weeks POG and underlying chronic hpt and gdm on d/c and history of anaemia in pregnancy. The station was good and i get 2 benign lecturers prof lim peishan and dr laili :) it was daebak! 
Now its just tuesday, but dr ng bk mentioned to us that, all o&g longcase candidate pass the exam. And i was expressing my gratitude to everyone that has been praying for me :)

Shortcase was not that bad and not too good either. I manage to have a peek on my psy station marks and it was 17.5 out of 20. Isn't it great? I guess that schizo pt was a blessed and indeed perhaps its a sign that i'll be a psychiatrist later on life :) ortho was neck and UL examination. But my medical& o&g station was quite bad eventhough dr said he passed me. But overall what i can conclude was the clinical exam was tough and lucky me that i got benign lecturer and hopefully can help me pass my exam.

So thats it. My journey for professional exam. 
Now im in the middle of housemanship training camp. Hopefully by this friday i am a dr. Amin ha rabbal alamin. 

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