Friday, April 24, 2015

i am a doctor!

Finally, i am a doctor!
Bloggieee thanks sgt.. Thanks for been there for me
Thankyou sgt3 bloggie! ^^

Know what the best part of it?
I got distinction! Weird haaa
Huu. Syukur sgt ya Allah!

The moment prof raymond panggil nama
Risq Atiqah Munirah lulus dengan cemerlang
Then he said. Where are u, please stand up.
And everyone was clapping for me
Tak sangka. There's like almost around 10++ people got distinction.. N the weirdest was i am the only malay girl
Macam xlogik. Macam xlayak
Tapi semua tu rezeki
Alhamdulillah. Sume tu berkat doa mak bapak mama. Sume org lah!
Macam xpercaya.. But alhamdulillah!
Anyway bloggie. My #misijubahmerah2015 finally accomplished and the best part, with distinction!
Its just made my day ^^

Me with my long case examiner. Prof lim pei shan. Tq prof for giving me a distinction!

With o&g supervisor. Teaching me to be a great person indeed. Without her guidance my o&g long case might not be as smooth as it is.

Tq Allah.
Tq mak, bapak, abg tam, abg cik, kak nury, min2, mama. And every family members
My dearest best buddy! Azura. Farah. Mila. Gid
My dearest supervisor: dr syahnaz, dr tan (ed), prof sakthis, prof oteh, mr azlan, mr hairol, mr zamri, dr adli, dr anizah and everyone who teach me :) tqqqq soooo much!

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