Thursday, April 10, 2014

our trip to langkawi

Assalamualaikum WBT bloggieee..
haha. been ages heh? =PP

bloggieee. haritu saya dan kawan2 gi langkawi.. besttttt! ^^
btw, program langkawi ni, program terakhir yg sy handle sebagai eksekutif pentadbiran kolej
alhamdulillah, it turns out as a success ^^ gembira sgt bloggie!
and the best thing was, this is our first collaboration with other college from Bangi ;)
nice kan? ^^

alhamdulillah. so, kat atas tu kira big group la lepas habes amazing race langkawi tu.
entahla, xtau nk cite cmne, tengok gamba je aci?
hahahaha. sebab it was too memorable for me <3 and="" bits="" i="" it="" love="" p="" the="" to="">

ni time kitorang melepak kat pantai chenang. ni mmg dah sunburn dah ni. haha =PP

ok. that was the crazy me =PP do not mind that. ahahaha. sometimes i can be a total crazy
especially when i'm with them.. all those crazy people. hak3 =PP

this picture was taken in the cable car. hahaha. gayattttt =PP but, mmg mantap la ^^
even, we met a new boyfriend there. one from argentina, another one from new zealand.
rugi betul xngorat. hehehe.

this looks skema ek? =PP haha. xreti berlakon laaa. hahaha

and so, this is my groupmateee..
from KTDI with love. hehe. i love everyone of them because
they really helped a lot. and of coz an obidient member to me
thanks for everything.
u guys give great cooperation to me as ur leader.
saranghae KTDI ^^

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ika zulkefli said...

salam risq, bestnya gi langkawi..=)