Wednesday, May 20, 2015

impossible thing that i've been pray for

assalamualaikum WBT bloggie.. dah nak dekat sebulan eh xmenulis? hehehe :PP
rasa mcm baru semalam dapat result. haihhh..
mcm xpercaya even up till now..

skrg tgh nk kne prepare resume untuk anugerah universiti.
dapat ke xdapat ke, belakang kira.
asalkan kita berusaha ^^

last night, sembang dengan mummy
i expressed how weird my angan2 is =PPP
suprisingly, mummy cakap we never know..
then don't stop asking and believing
mcm kesah graduation ni laa...
never in my life, i would expect it..
reason? medic susah, hence, impossible nk dpt distinction 
tambah plak dah penah repeat dulu.. *ramai kot yang tak percaya*
hahaha.. weirdest dream
and because Allah give me such a beautiful gift ever
hence, aku yg xpenah nk bersyukur ni, asking for more :(((

Allah.. whatever it is.. only YOU know what's in my heart
i will accept whatever you give me..
i hope i will be a good person and thankful for everything YOU give me

p/s: u lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
u, u enchant me even when u're not around
if there's boundaries, i will try to knock them down
i'm latching on, babe, now i know what i have found

i feel we're close enough
i wanna lock in ur love
i think we're close enough
could i lock in ur love?

now i've got u in my space
i won't let go of you
got u shackled in my embrace
i'm latching on to u

i'm so encaptured, got me wrapped up in ur touch
feel so enamored, hold me tight within ur clutch
how do u do it, u got me losing every breath
what did u give me to make my heart bleed out my chest?

u lift my heart up when the rest of me is down.. yes u are!
u enchant me even when u're not around.. yes u are!
ohhhhh... this is how weird my dream is =PPP
thankyou anyway.. i wanna believe it in my own wayy..
one fine day, i'm going to be someone like you...

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