Tuesday, August 16, 2016

done pediatric my love

Asslamualaikum WBT bloggieeee..

i'm doneee with paedsssss
suprisingly, i enjoyed the postingg :DD
haha! funny eyyy..

before i've entered the posting
i heards lottssaaaa bad things from everyone..
kaki biru sikit kne extend..
buat mcm ni kne extend

well.. yeah, mmg ramai kne extend..
tapiii.. for me reason for extending the people eventhough hard to digest
tapi, they have reasonss..
mcm ade sorg ho ni, truthfully, i've been working with this person
teamwork kadang2 ke laut.. suke ambil power nap
dan kdg2 aku rasa dia cm main2 gaklaa..
so, of course they will find reason to extend that fella kn

mostttt of them yg i worked with, with good attitude..
yg mmg boleh rely on kan
sume tak kne extend..
soo? what say u?
lagipun HOD skrg ckp mmg dia nk strict dengan HO
although i feel pity dgn diorg sume
tapi, for me its for their own good
sbb tu dulu masa ak kne extend masa 1st year and dr tu cakap
extend will make u better..
aku cm memula xboleh hadamm
but now i do understand.. tahnkyou DR!

and, yess.. i have another 1 day before entering medical posting
i know the posting going to be tough
and challenging as well
sebabnye xde off dayyy.. huwaaa :((

dahla masa medical ni abg cik nak kawen
adoiilaaa.. harapnye dpt bertabah..
means AL kne divide 2.. satu utk belah pengantin pompuan
another half utk belah pengantin lelaki
and and.. raye haji of COURSE tak dp cuti :((

paedss.. mungkinkah kita akan jumpa lagi?
most likelyyyy.. sebab i think i fall in love with uuu :PP
insyaAllah.. nnti mgkin dh masuk 5th posting kita decide eh ;)

 with some of my colleaguess... thankyou sumeee for such memory :DDD

 how i enjoyed my off day before entering medical..
serious sedap,,, should've tried earlier.. haha :PP
thankyou mummy&daddy teman saye gi jenjalan <3 p="">
mase oncall raye haritu.. hiksss..
bye2 gurlsss.. see u again eyyyy :DD

i am a happy HO nowww...
i really hope i will continue to succeed with another 3 postings :D
bye2 bloggiee... jumpe lagi...

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