Wednesday, July 19, 2017

do i choose the right person?


i just dont know..
did i make the right choice?
is it too impulsive?

i dont knoww..
sometimes, i just hope, i wont be too indulge in make decision
yess.. i am comfortable with him
i like his personality
i like how he differs from me, because i feel that he can control my weirdness
i have a feeling he can control the childishness in me
and i see abg tam in him
i see my abang's quality in him

knp bloggiee..why must this happen?
when bapak ask me a lot of question
i feel afraid..
true indeed, if i choose him, i have to live with him my whole life
can i accept that?
can i accept whatever his flaws?

i am far from perfect
sungguh la nk buat decision ni bukan senang kan
bkn tak solat mintak kat Allah
solat tak lupa
tapi hati mcm berbolak balik
is that a sign that i need to reconsider?
i already tell him what i need to tell
looks like he can accept that
tapi he havent tell me his..
maybe when he met me in aug later..
tapi bloggie, sungguh i paranoid towards guy..
knp susah nk decide?

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