Saturday, August 14, 2010

exam coming! ^_^

exam is coming very3 soon..
and,i'm busy preparing all those weapon+bombs
to be taken into the exam hall.
bkn nak bom ke hape kn..hehe =P
(kalau blh bom rsenye dh ramai org bom dah..haha @_@)
tapi,nk bom ketas soalan dgn jawapan yg KILLER ^_^

to all my dear coursemate in 1st year.
and to all my dear friends+buddies in 2nd year.
wish u all the BEST!
let's BOMB the exam paper..

insyaALLAH.and my mum always pesan.
if and only if tibe2 dlm exam hall.tibe2 BLANK =_="
closed ur eyes..take a deep breathe..
and,selawat as much as u can..
until u feel CALM ^_^

bkn kita xpernah bace nota2 exam sume.
but the thing is,kita cpt menggelabah.
jadi.bnykkan berdoa.berselawat.dan mohon keredhaanNYA

be happy+enjoy ur LIFE to the FULLEST!~

p/s: wish my fever will go away faster.sgt3 lembik these days.
sgt complete package dye
fever+flu+sore throat+cough+headache.
haish.please be least smpai exam.will ya?^_^

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