Monday, August 9, 2010


due to my 'busy'ness last week
i tend to SKIP my meal+ now,i've been rewarded with my dearest gastric

it comes in a complete package!
diarrhea+nausea+headache+fever+sore throat
isn't it complete everyone??=_=",yesterday my brother accompanied me to a clinic in damansara
which i can say,i'm satisfied with the service there.
for just 5minute session with the doc.i'm good enough.
an aproachable doc and very a few minutes,he was able to take a good history+doing physical examination as well.

he advice me to drink more sky juice+100plus
and,should be practicing soft rice at this moment of time. SPICY food as well.poor me =_="

tapi! lately i've discovered how poor my appetite is.
since,i couldn't eat outside food so much.
nasi grg 4 sure can't b finished.kotiaw tomyam+bihun sup mmg kuah je blh masok
i'm wondering...
am i immune to outside food?? smpai kn dye REPELLED..
aiyooo..what a waste! bru 19 tahun,kan kan =_="
ohh.dahla 2 hari lg nk pose.xtawu ape akn jd.,out of the blue.due to my poor appetite.
selongkar my ice box and cook.eventhough i'm staying ALONE.
aish,jd LONE RANGER kejap seminggu nih.haha =P be suprised.kotiaw goreng tu w'pun pedas sket
tapi,i managed to eat,xde repel2..and masok smooth je..
aishhh!~ ngade sungguh pewot nih..

mak ckp,mak zmn mude2 la suke mkn luar..
uwaaaaa :'( mak la ni =P gene makan luar mak dah curik =_="
xpela.4 this time,kne ajar pewot utk mkn slow2..nanti bile da baek
boleh mkn luar lagi ^_^
and.i missed u everyday bu.xpernah xrindu..hehe..
how i wish i can celebrate RAMADHAN with u..having sahur together..
yg pntg,sahur kne ade telur dadar yg ade cili kaler merah+sayur kcg pnjg..
pastu telur tu mesti kalerful..haha..
mak! can i go home? ^_^


AnAk iBu said...

haii risq.
medic student kaaa?
samalah kita. haha. saja2 jalan2 lompat2. nanay kawan abezza.
oloh2 siannya. makan luaq mang x bagus, byk cholera je sume toh, ish3.

nice to meet ya. :)

^risq_munirah^ said...

hehe.tawu2! abez slalu cite sal nani dlu.kalau dpt msg nani dr mesir,teruja bdk tuh.hahaha ^_^

tett.skrg je probs sket mkn luar.nanti lme2 back to normal kot.hehe.thanx yea drop by ^_^
nice knowing u :D