Thursday, January 13, 2011

binatang kecil berwarna merah

i'm falling in love.once again ^_^
isn't it just soooo sweet to fall in love
but,this time around,my partner is this tiny red little microbes
so.cute isn't it? ^_^

this is what we call,love at second sight
once,i've already met this fellar, however, i've failed to fall in love with him
but now,my heart are full with love
just for you,mr.Neisseria meningitidis
how??? answer la for that..but 4 sure,i'll keep on falling in love with him 
and all the other cute little microbes...there's always an empty room available for you guys
eyy..sounds like a playgurl huh? =_=" 

till then,,i'm looking forward for tomorrow's practical
gram negative bacteria :D

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