Sunday, February 27, 2011

dear family

this is me.and my family :)
it's a picture of a very small family
consisting of me.mummy and daddy ^_^
**in real life i still have my beloved abg tam and abg cik**

i don't know how to express it in words
but,despite whatever other people says about family
how they are with with their family
i just wanna say.i really3 love my family
everything.every inch.every part.every single thing about my family

we may not be as hectic as simpsons family
but,the bonds between us,is very tight.the strongest bond ever
we may fight.we may have misunderstand.
but the truth is,deep inside,everyone loves each other
and i know.i love you guys sooo much

thankyou mummy.thankyou daddy
for taking care of me.for your concern
a promise.a promise to you guys.that i'll never let you down again

thankyou Allah :)

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