Wednesday, October 19, 2011


ngeeee.rase mcm kalau mase sekarang ni, mungkin i'm going to choose the 1st
but yes people, u need to choose the 2nd, because you know, the 1st one will make you SUFFER =P

indah sebenarnya hidup dalam mimpi
sbb kita tahu mimipi tu hanya mainan and nothing serious
if and only if kita boleh jd mcm alice
hidup dalam wonderland..banyak pokok2, haiwan comel2..
tapi,dunia fantasi mcm tu pon ada bahaya jugak
siapa cakap dunia fantasi seronok? =P

tapi kalau tgk the smurf punye katun
it will really makes you inspire.tgk la cne dia communicate dgn barney stinson
mase barney tgh stress out pasal kerja
dia blh wanna start your work
don't worry, we'll sing for you

"laa.laa.laa.laa.laa..sing a happy song =P"

ngeh3.alamak aiii,i need SMURF now..bcoz i'm smurfing out.haha

p/s: today's respiratory exam turns out to be disasterous for me
since i think that i do spot a different question.
but, my feeling relieved after meeting those guys, izard, thomkins, and plutchik
ngeh3..i did smile while answering the question ^^

tak sangka, setengah jam je, sume student start kuar dr dewan exam
and by 3.10pm, rasa mcm tinggal separuh je dlm dewan.gile kan? =P
kalaula exam urinary buat mcm tu, mmg sah hebat =P

till then.tomorrow's mission

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