Thursday, October 20, 2011

mimpi di siang hari

sleeping after zuhur, because i'm soo stressed out about MS
sy kecewa bende yg senang
and i just do it carelessly :(

and,dlm pukul 2 lebih smpai la 3 lebih tu
i do sleep,dan sekarang bru terjaga.
and know what people..saya smpt buat mcm slot akasia dlm mimpi tu

HAHA.too much thinking.too much DEEP thinking
leads me to making my own akasia slot =P

dalam mimpi tu, mcm ada sesuatu yg xkena
dan, i was fighting with this person
it's because of something that is unnecessary
and suddenly, i have to handle a job which requires me
to handle a group of people
and another person appears to be the head of the group
and,actually I was so shock because
in real life, it is totally the opposite =P

and, it happens, it's like i'm the heroin of the story
but, at the end of the day
this phrase coming out of my mouth
"alamak..terlepas nk tgk drama ni"

padahal, i'm the one acting in the story.HAHAHA
*ok.i over react.sebok je nk tgk drama sendiri*

but, after having this dream
i feel something at ease..waiting for a miracle
to appear.insyaALLAH

p/s: taknak fikirkan kekecewaan lagi
fokus pada URINARY pulak.
gewdluck people ^^

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si Jelita ♥ said...

hye acik muyah drop by nak bgtahu aku excted abg ko pred mypsa skrg wakaka.