Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barelysupermommy :)

Omoooo.bloggie! U know what. I am super duper impressed with dr halina's lil bella. She's only 18months,yet to be 2y/o but really talkative even I can understand whatever she's talking about..

Just sign in for keek and watch all her videos.superb people!

The best video was the one entitled finding bella. Lil b was like 3y/o kiddo, wandering around saying where are u bella. There u are. Haha! Cute likeeeee woaahhh! Uber cute and funny. Ain't it interesting people?

The best thing when small kiddo like her talks in english. Learning by mimicking her mom. Oh,I wish my daughter soon will be like her too! Heyyy, she's a doc right, insyaAllah, I can do it too. Ngeee ;) seeing bella is like looking at myself when I was a kid. I went to nursery at the age of 2y/o++ where I still carry my bottle around, playing with all the babies. I went to an english based nursery, hence since 3y/o I've started to talk in english maybe not so fluently. And I have been conversing in english since then even at my home. By 5, I can speak fluently and even stewardess and steward gave me goody bag when I travel back to my hometown in sarawak due to my talkativeness with them. Suprisingly, I was talking in english my mum said. Woahhh risq! Impressive huh?

However, when I was in standard 6, my indian english teacher was really2 emmmm.how should I say.. cruel? She always gave us malay student such a low marks and if I'm not mistaken the highest I got for english that tine was 50. Even for upsr trial exam I got 4a 1c and the c was english! But then, I still managed to get 5a's in upsr. And yeah teacher, I am not that bad! Huhu.

That's the reason being why I am sooo not into english now. She's making my confidence level drop day by day, and now, I rarely speak in english.. vocab? Oh noo! Disaster..

Never mind, mari memartabatkan bahasa melayu. Bahasa melayu bahasa kita :ppppp

Ok.finally.enjoyyyy. c u then. Tgk link bella ni ye ;)

Finding #Bella http://www.keek.com/!veKCbab

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