Saturday, April 6, 2013

being a maksu :)

hye! assalamualaikum WBT bloggie :)))))

bloggie.cube tgk dkt tepi, timeframe menunjukkan bahawa awk dh berusia hampir 3 tahun tau! ^^
hehehe.saya bangge dengan awk
even ada ups and down
kejap private kejap open
akhirnya awk ttp bertahan! yeay! alhamdulillah ^^

bloggie.. well after those years.
now finally i am a maksu ^^ alhamdulillah. praise to Allah.
well. above is my very first nephew. bam3 gileeee kan?
so many expression. so many weird faces
pipi bambam nak ikut maksu ye sayang? ^^

btw, my nephew's name, as stated Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin bin Mohd Zulikram.
panjang enough? naaaa.. not yet :PPP
sungguh la xpaham kenapa letak nama baby panjang2
nanti karang dia nk tulis nama pon susah.hahaha :PPP

tapi pon, syukur sgt2, finally my sis in law dah habes pantang.
syukur sbb finally Allah granted her wish, in fact everyone's wish for her to get a baby.
muhaymin came into our life giving us a lot of hope

and the best thing is that, he was born on 23rd February 2013.
Well, it is not 23rd March but still a month difference with me
kalau sama la kan, i will be the happiest maksu ever.hahaha :PP

anywho. i've learnt a lot about being a mother. not because i am a mother
but seeing how my sis in law struggling to survive being newbie mummy
sometimes the milk is not enough, sometimes the baby have bloated tummy
how disaster it will be when muhaymin "mengamuk"
ohhhh myyy! total disaster.
everyone sweats.. even my mum can't handle him.haha.
naughty boy huh? never mind, maksu still loves you.

there's still some dilemma about being a maksu
i just don't know what should i address myself with him
maksu is like sooooo old :PPP haha.
aunty wayyyy to modern :P
and. in bidayuh aunty will be called wawak/tuwak.
in my father's side, aunty for paternal side will be called amay.

so bloggie. which one's the best?
maksu uyah
aunty su/ aunty uyah
wawak uyah/ tuwak yah
amay uyah?

never mind, there's still time to decide before my dearest muhaymin start talking.
even now pon he already start wek.wek.wek.ah.ah.ah
maybe after 3-4 months he can already bubbling.
can't wait to see him grow up <3 p="">

p/s: muhaymin.maksu uyah loves u very much.muah.muah :D



selamat menjadi maksu ..

f. said...

saya undi maksu! hehee ;)