Friday, May 24, 2013

3rd monthday :)

Assalamualaikum WBT bloggieeee..
eh? dah sebulan lebih xhapdate ehh? =PPP sorry la bloggie. i've been sooooo busy this month
kadang rase cam xcukup tanah nak buat sume bende
sape suh apply jadi MEP kolej kan? =PP

anyway bloggie. this post is specially dedicated to my beloved nephew
the one and only at the moment
the one and only lil boy that always make me smile when i look at his pic in my phone
xjumpe awk, tgk gamba pon maksu rindu tau syg ;)

baru faham ape perasaan org ade anak buah
kalau anak buah dah cmni, kalau anak sendiri? 
now u know why ur mummy & daddy so protective of u eyy risq?=PP

happy 3rd monthday my sayang..
really, maksu loves u soooo much! only Allah knows how excited i am to see u
even i am soooo busy this week
but since this is the only time i can sneak out from my posting
from my college work
i'll sacrifice some time to spend time with u
because maksu miss u sooo much!

my dear muhaymin.
maksu always pray that Allah will always take good care of u
and i really hope that u'll become a very3 good person 
successful person and of course, excellent muslim in the future ahead

my dear muhaymin,
ever since u were born, my family changed a lot
i guess it's true that when Allah's says that "anak adalah pintu rezeki"
ur daddy a.k.a my brother got his new job with almost 3times his last salary
at the moment as well, maksu is doing my best in medical school
u make maksu feels spirited 
maksu's desire to become a doctor shoot up whenever i see ur face
whenever maksu thinks of u sayang
and ur uncle (abg cik) is doing good too
i guess, u gives us so much happiness.

my dear muhaymin.
above all, maksu would like to say only this
and remember that u will always have me
and i'll take care of u in the future insyaAllah :)
i loveeeeee you :)

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