Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 tahun

Assalamualaikum WBT bloggie

Ya Allah! How time flies..
Do u even realize that u've already 3 years old bloggie?
Macam xpercaya pon ade.

Dulu blog ni tercipta after diri rasa sgt miserable lepas kne reseat paper masa 1st year
And bloggie jugakla yg tgk kejatuhan aku
Masa dr cakap, kne repeat year
And now, bloggie, finally dah sampai 4th year dah pun

Ya Allah, macam xpercaya sangat2.
Subhanallah! Thank you so much Allah!
I've never thought u will exists for this long
seeing how i grew up from nobody
From a childish person, into a young adult 
A young woman, and a future doctor in few year time.

I just donno what to say bloggie
I just hope u'll bear with me this few years 
InsyaAllah bloggie.
Come and grad with me
Come and grow old with me ok?

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