Wednesday, June 26, 2013

morning talks

it's 4 am in the morning
and here i am typing... thinking of what should i be doing now
why? why must it happen?
kenapa mesti kerja ni makin lama makin bertambah?
kenapa mesti aku xde masa untuk diri aku sendiri?

i hate it! monday going to be my long case.
and this friday till sunday, i'll be having my camp..
untuk MEP Kolej..why? why must u organized the event when i'm having my exam the next day? @@

it's soooo stressful.
it's sooooo annoying
BUT! i must always remember one thing
Allah will never burden us with something we can't handle.
so. we must prove it! that we actually can make it through
this is my part.
Allah being testing me.. so that i'll be a better muslim
and i believe that.
i will be a better fine day insyaAllah.

and now. i've just finished my introduction part for SSM.
tiring enough huh? @@
i need to sleep. it's already 4 am
tomorrow's going to be a good day for me.insyaAllah :)

may Allah bless. amin :)

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