Thursday, January 29, 2015

mencari ketenangan fikiran

Assalamualaikum WBT bloggiee

hai again! ahah, i just don't know why i am here
writing nonsense. i just DONT KNOW why! hahaha =PP

well my dear bloggie. to think that PRO EXAM is just in a few months to go
to be exact 70 days. am i PANICKING? *insert stress mood here*
*dah knp sume nak CAPSLOCK bagai risq oiii =PP*

haha. well i need to get serious eh?
and i need to make a diagnosis on my own now.
usually, before clerking patient, i will have a peek on the case note
what kind of patient i am dealing with
but now, i need to CHANGE
clerking, examining, and come to the diagnosis on my own
well, not that bad eyyh?? =PP

anyway. the thing that i WANT TO STRESS ABOUT is that
bloggieee. i am SOOO CUAK la bloggieee
what if i can't do it?
what if i *nauzubillah* did not pass?
bloggiee.. i am tired enough of all this nonsense.
haha. NONSENSE again eh?

I AM POSITIVE that will PASS this exam
and become a DOCTOR in the house
i just can't wait bloggie
i just wanna go through all this and GRADUATE!
people around me, sume dah graduate, sume dah keje
eventhough i dont want to get old
haha. OMMMOOO.. i am 24 this year
people said that 23 years old is the worst
HAHA? is that true eyy? entahla.. but eventually it's true in some aspect
because at that age, too many things happen to the extent that i almost get fed up
but heyyy, LIFE IS A CHALLENGE kan?

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norsalihah shaleh said...

all d best utk final exam.. insya allah mesti awak akan berjaya jd doctor muslimah yg cemerlang dunia akhirat...
dulu cita2 nk jd doctor jga tp blajar malas...heehee