Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.tribute utk levin.

(levin is the guy standing. the "MACHO'est guy in my faculty.hehehe ^_^)

if wanna compare u with the star
i think u r the BRIGHTEST star ever.
hehe.nothing i can say.but a MILLION thanks to u
u just don't know how much i appreciate for what u do for me

when u know bout the results,u called me.
u comfort me.seriously u make me cry
u sent me massage.
a quote of my name.

R - Ragging enthusiasm
I - Intelligent
S - Superb in all ways
Q - Qualities of a great great doctor

i'm soo TOUCHED!
nothing can compare for having u as my friend
THANK YOU soo much

ur support.ur motivation.ur words
i'll keep inside me.and i PROMISE to u.
i'll prove to u n others.i'm going to be such a GREAT doctor.
lyk u said to me. QUITTERS never WIN.
and WINNERS never QUIT!

i'm not shy at all to cry in front of u.
because ur a GREAT friend of mine.
i know u CARE.i know ur such a GOOD friend

i make this entry.to show how GRATEFUL am i
for having u as my fwen.my senior
thanks a LOT! MILLION thanks LEVIN.
and for u.study hard okeh! i'm sure u'll make a GREAT doctor as well.
just promise me one thing.

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