Sunday, October 3, 2010

crying baby

huhu..when i woke up this morning
none of my housemate is in our house.i feel like totally weird. feels so i don't know what am i doing? where am i?
i just don't know why do i feel so.

i called mummy.and mummy asked me to do my routine 1st
and so i bath,eat,washing clothes,tidy up my room which i abondoned it for 3 days.
and.after finishing all my job.
i stopped.and daydream..what should i do next?
really! i feel like i'm alone in this world.
that is do really know,why do people can't live alone.

it's just.i wanna say i'm sorry.
sorry for crying like a little baby.
it's just i'm too scared being left alone in this house.i just don't know why
i've already get used to it.
everyday.u all walked out from the house not telling me.
bcoz,ur class started early in the morning.
but,i just don't know why.i don't know why i feel so sad today.

when i heard ur voice from my room this morning.i rushed out.
and.i get u guys.i'm babbling to u much i feel sad. feels like,heaven you know.
and.i really don't want to be alone.don't ever leave me like that.please!

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