Thursday, June 24, 2010

.dearest buddy line. a call from prof.shahrir today
i'm so sorry prof! sorry for not being a good buddy
as i promise..NO MORE after this!
thanks for asking my condition as well..
i'll always refer to u if i've problem after this.i promise!
i won't let my buddy line down AGAIN! ^_^

my super-super buddy! ^_^ PROF.SHAHRIR
kak 4th year buddy..
ade agy sorg,kak siti ann.tapi xde gambar dye..
kak ijan..buddy 3rd year ^_^

kepada sume buddy line risq.
thank u sgt2,sbb CARE+CONCERN for me.
thank u sbb call.thank u sbb msg.thank u sbb bg SEMANGAT!
risq mintak maaf sgt2 sbb buat buddy line kite jd lopong utk 1 year
xde buddy bru tawun dpn

and.risq janji.JANJI sgt2
i'll make my buddy line PROUD.
as well as my family,my doctor,my friend
i'll make u PROUD of me.
may ALLAH bless all my buddy.
I LOVE U ALL!! ^_^

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