Wednesday, June 23, 2010


when u live with a 50++ years old mummy+daddy
u'll love oldies!^_^

nak tahu knp??
they will always play the song and sing a long.
almaklumlah.baru je tahu gune realplayer sgale bagai
sometimes rase mcm.ohhh! xde lagu lain kah?:P
tapi.lagu oldies sgt bermakne + melody dye BEST!
i dunno whether i'm growing up atau taste sudah lain
tapi lagu nowadays,xbnyk yg blh ngam ngn jiwa aku
xkesah la ape org nak ckp kan.still.i love their songs.BETTER!
setia sungguh cik RISQ nih =P

ok! here is a song from The Carpenter-Top of the WORLD
sgt best! do listen.. ^_^

sape2 yg dah tgk SHREK FOREVER AFTER
korg akn tahu lagu ni,mase yg shrek jd ogre sehari kot
ade scene mase sume org happy2
ingt lg..last tym i tgk 3D version!
siyes sgt suke! and i give 4.8stars for this muvi
even the ticket agak pricy RM17 per ticket
tapi it's WORTH!
i remember how i gelak bnyk kali smpai kne tegur
'sukenye dia' hahaha ^_^

i'm on the TOP OF THE WORLD
lookin' down on creation
and the only explanation I can find
Is the LOVE that i've found ever since u've been AROUND
ur LOVE put me on the TOP OF THE WORLD

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