Wednesday, July 7, 2010

.a brand new design.

welcome to my blog ^_^
haha..with a new design..although just a simple one..
but i hope,it gives a new energy into my life..
stop being a crying baby..
and,starting to be a tough little lady..
who is going to fight for her a medical doctor..

during my matriculation..
abez,pa'a,wan..sure i am..
they are my roomates..
i always changed my stuff..i will redesign my place..
(suke2 je tukar2 meja,kerusi,segala bagai =P)
but, that is my style..
i need changes..i need to rebuild myself..
seems like,it's going to be few days before i start my new semester..

say HELLO to ur new life..
say HELLO to ur new buddy..
say HELLO to ur new batch..
and..WAIT for me my dearest 2nd year buddy..
as ur JUNIOR..


mar said...

risq....welkem2x..u r still kwan kami=)..

^risq_munirah^ said...

thanks syg..hehe..
nanti jmpe la kite minggu dpn ^_^

Aleza Omar said...

risq~! ganbatte ne~!!
gudluck juge~ ^^

mar said...

yeay..jmpa nnti...lma xtmbang berat bdan..huhu..dlu p amek risq pnya pnimbg..mar da gmuk ni..hehe