Friday, July 9, 2010


sje2 je nak kill my extra time kan..
i end up answering few quizzes
these are some of the quizzes ^_^

Bleeding Heart (in a good way)
What Will You Be When You Grow Up?
You are caring and empathetic. You understand people and their needs, and communicate well with others. When faced with an emotionally intimate situation, you adapt and are able to connect. You would do well in medicine, teaching, volunteer efforts, ministry/outreach, or just supporting a family at home by being a mom/dad full time!

so,quiz ni cam ade jugak betol2 nye..tapi xtawla kn ^_^
u will do well in medicine,urmm..insyaALLAH la kn :D


*4% (10 & underage)*
*11% (11-13 yrs)*
*35% (14-16 yrs)*
*42% (17-19 yrs)*
*9% (20yrs++)*
*0% (senior citizen)*

and.2nd quiz nih,menunjukkan,kire aci la ape yg aku bwt skrg kn
haha.acting lyk 17-19 yrs old person ^_^
xde acting like senior citizen lgsg2..aish! xmatang lgsg bdk neh..haha
pasni kne ubah plak..sbb dah nk masok 20++
ngeeee...bru 9% je..

p/s: sejak bile la piala dunia ni gune2 binatang nk ramal2 siapa juara,siapa tmpt ke-3
haha :P
PAUL la..MANI la..mcm2..
i do keep on supporting GERMANY as 3rd place+HOLLAND as FIFA champion!!!~
gewdluck to both group
(tapi,xsuke ramal2,,sbb slalunye,group disokong tuh KALAH!!~ hahaha :P)


aBez hafizza said...

risq..mine is 10 n under..o sh** ahahhaha

^risq_munirah^ said...

hahaha.sengal je :P
kire aku upgrade sket la..wakakaka :P

cube lagi tawun dpn yehh ^_^

aBez hafizza said...

tipu tipu ahhaa

^risq_munirah^ said...

haha.terima la hakikat ko xmtg lagi.wakakakaka :P