Friday, July 23, 2010

gewdluck AMSA!~

kwn2 AMSA dah nk g indonesia..
utk 31st AMSC..Asian Medical Student's Conference
dlu2 ade niat nk g..tapi kne batalkan..ngeee ^_^
sbb da g AMSEP kat Taiwan..
would like to wish all of u a very BEST of luck there..
enjoy ur conference..and make full use of it ^_^

and.memandangkn dlu2 xde,xpenah cite psl ni
this is my very 1st contribution to AMSA Malaysia
as a Group Moderator to 16 delagates with Elden as my partner..
in the 23rd EAMSC Kuala Lumpur
seronok! and it's really a wonderful experience..
meet a lot of friends which are also medical students..all over Asia..

delegate2 yg di bwh jagaan kami..
stefan+francissca (indonesia), lydia (s'pore), christina+lauren (australia), pea (thai), arthur+yushan (taiwan), karen+grace (hongkong), mike (philipines), prof.krishna (india), and 2 korean guys ^_^
(korean guys tu kire mcm cite2 nk jmpe sorg jejaka korea dah tcapai la =P)

mcm2 kami lalui..and,seriously,my english communication skill
improve sgt2 mse join conference nih ^_^
smpaikn mase balek dr Taiwan dlu..mse sembang ngn sorg auntie dr Aussie ni
name dye Birdie..63 y/o..dye travel sorg2 tym tu
dia ckp,ur english is good..haaa..BANGGE kn ^_^
w'pun xla at least ok kn..
this is our 7+group berbaju pepel yek @_@
with one of my delegates..lauren from aussie..
ni mase cultural gile..sume country perform! and drg pkai baju2 kebangsaan drg.. ade org pkai baju korean..kimono..mcm2..sgt best!
last trip..kami g GENTING HIGHLANDS..kota keriangan..
ni mase kat skybridge..KLCC..they're soooo excited mase ni..hehe ^_^
overall kn..rasenye,ni mmg pengalaman yg sgt BERHARGA..
and i do enjoy! teringat mase FAREWELL PARTY..
err.kami bwt performance..w'pun it's not my 1st time dance in front of a crowd
tapi,tu kali pertama perform mewakili Malaysian's people..
tapi,xde kaitan ngn Malaysia la..lagu cheeky2 je..
yg BEST! drg sume ckp drg enjoy..and drg vote suh ktrog perform 2 kali mlm tu
w'pun penat n xde stamina sgt dah mase tu..aku enjoy sgt2!!~
drg sume menari skali ngn ktorg mse tu,kami kat pentas
drg sume kat dance floor..
bell ngn atim kat kiri+SK ngn aku kat tgh2+kokju ngn ryan kat kanan
GM2 laen join kat blkg skali..
such a wonderful moment that night...

how i miss them so much..
and.. i miss AMSA..ngeee ^_^

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