Thursday, July 22, 2010

what a day..

what a day..
it's like everything got soo mixed up today
pkol 6ptg i'm still talking with my mum+babbling+laughing xingt dunia
then suddenly..
by 7 something..i feel i'm missing something in my life
i can say i have a beautiful life ryt now
but..somehow..there's lacking here and there :'( 8 i called my mum..
mak..i dunno why :'( i just dun have any idea..what's going on
i don't have any reason to be sad
but,seriously,i'm sad..and i know why =_="

rosma + i decided to have our dinner at RAM's corner
since we don't have anything to cook 
(ohh..nanti kami pegi shopping brg2 mentah lagi ^_^)
but then,she wanted to go and print some stuff
mule2,aku ckp nk ikut..yela,mlm2,CHOW KIT lak tuh..
dia dok kate,dekat2..xjauh mane
suh aku g order dulu..yela pakcik2 kat RAM sgt LAMBAT bwt keje ye
then,ok,kami bpecah..
jumpe kak mira+kak zhaf+aini
sembang2..dah dkt stgh jam,rosma XBALIK2..
msg2 dah risau..LUCKY that diorang nk tlg cari
THANKS A LOT..xtaw nk bwt ape,kalau korg xde :'(

i did call,epa,sab,madi..tnye,mane rosma slalu g
sume ckp dpn fac..then kak mira call..kedai dpn fac ttp =_="
where on EARTH r u??
abg tam+mak ckp relax..doa bnyk2..slawat bnyk2..
then,after 1 HOUR++
kak mira ckp da jumpe..alhamdulillah...
tros call kak mira..nk ckp ngn rosma
(ni lagi 1 msalah..rosma nye nset habes bateri..kalau x,xdela risau sgt =_=")

bile dah smpai..rosma kene bebel @_@
so SORRY..i couldn't help being so worried..
rse sgt bersalah..rase sgt takut..
menangis plak tu td..haha..bwt malu je dgn rosma..
haha..aishhh =_="
i love you sooo much dear..please don't ever do that again..

mgkin..kesah sedih rase LONELY mse ptg td
adelah prior to this event..xtawla kn,instinct ni kdg2 blh pkai jugak =P
cume,just want to say..
MILLION THANKS to kak mira+kak zhaf+aini
thanks sgt2 carikan bdk sowg tuh..
nanti risq QUARANTINE kn dye..seminggu xkasik keluar...

end of story..pengajarannya..
don't let somebody u love or anybody walk alone
walk by their side.. with them,no matter when they're happy/sad/angry...
i love u..


hidayah said...

i love the ending part. :)

^risq_munirah^ said...

hehe.thanks!~ ^_^