Wednesday, July 21, 2010

have you ever...

have u ever bumped on someone..
that looks sooo alike with someone that u know??

what a miracle..
never expect to see that person today..
i was walking with my friends to plazaRAH
and.suddenly..they asked me to follow them to meet someone
a ex-skewlmate of them
and.i don't have any intention at 1st to follow them
but then,at last..i made up my mind..and be with the crowd

that person..
the way the person smile..
the way the person talk..
the way the person laugh..
the way the person stare..
the way the person make funny jokes..
the way the person tease..
the way the person eat..
the way the person sit..
the appearance of the person..the way the person is..
the height of the person..
everything about the person..
remind me of someone..
someone that i know..someone that i have met a long time ago
it's like..they are the same person
but with a different names..and different family..

never thought i might find someone just like the person
i was so shocked at first
how come there's 2 person can have a same personality
and during the meeting i just..look down sometimes..and smile
keep on thinking..what a MIRACLE

and..i just can't forget what happen today..


khatizah said...

jgn..main2 tau..

^risq_munirah^ said...

hahaha :P
takdela mak..aishh
kite dah ckp kn ^_^