Tuesday, July 20, 2010

gewdluck prof! ^_^

my dearest buddy..PROF.SHAHRIR..

gewdluck kat tmpt baru..
i know,ur still part of UKM..and i know u love UKM so much ^_^
just..hope ur doing good in USIM
and. all the best for ur future ahead
thank u 4 being supportive :D

smlm msg2 ngn prof.
mcm xcaye je..haha..mcm msg ngn kwn2 plak
dia ckp,i'm still in UKM n most important,i'm still ur BUDDY
terharu kan ^_^
prof. buat belated burfday party on 8th august
dye jmput sume buddy2 dia (dia panggil ktorg foster daughter)
and all his students.

haa..harini pas balek kelas,since xde bhn mentah sgt dlm peti sejuk
masak la kotiaw grg..
nmpk menarik kan..hahaha =P
sronok je,rupe2nye masak ni xla ssh mane..
2 'C's required in cooking..
all the best everyone ^_^

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