Friday, October 7, 2011

merah hitam vs brown

satu masa dahulu pepel adalah warne kegemaran sy
and people can see by looking at my closet, there's a lottttt of purple kurung
purple blouse.purple handbag

but then, after some time, my feveret colour change to brown
and,'s almost lame jugak la..
and, i have alot of brown blouse and kurung too
plus, i started to collect brownish stuff

but then,suddenly i fall in love with red and black
seriously, until all my fwen pon recognize
sume barang, dr dompet, ke baju, ke blouse, ke barang2 pilihan
sume mesti ade unsur merah hitam..

but now.i'm thinking of coming back to my old feveret colour
which is brown a.k.a gold
why? i just don't know why :D

but to know that my OSPE session starts at 7.30am
i feel soooo happy ^^
boleh la beronggeng lepas tu
plus.dia juge on 7.30am.
semua pon on 7.30am
so.happy sgt2 ^^

looking forward to face final exam
and do my best!~
3.50 ke atas ^^ amin.

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