Sunday, October 2, 2011

tertawa dan menangis

"Dan sesungguhnya Dialah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan menangis." An-Najm 53:43

never knew.that it was all stated in Al-Quran
dan benarlah.setiap ape yg berlaku itu adalah kurniaan dan juga dugaan dariNya.

to be frank.while i was in Ipoh last Saturday
i keep on muhasabah myself
and suddenly i realized, what happen to me now
is what i've done to someone in my past

and.i believe, what goes around comes around
walaupun ianya pahit,tapi,u know what
don't do harm to others.because one day u'll realized that
u get it back.CASH!~

and now.i proudly being myself.
and.i'm having such a great time in dearest hometown
being with mummy.daddy.abg tam.mama.
and all those paksu's kids.makes me become wiser.
all those kiddos makes me as their inspiration
so, why would i dissapoint them?
i will keep on believing.and give my best!~
and pray hard that 1 day.i'll be a great person.

p/s: tangan kiri yang terkehel ni mmg xnak baik ke?
it's really hard utk mandi, when ur left hand isn't working very well
nk bengkok kan tangan dah mcm azab jeee @@

and.i'm looking forward to meet an day ^^
have a crush on an engineer.and pray that i'll meet one soon.
i wouldn't want a doctor.because doc touches woman a lot =P
HAHA.i want to be special.only for my ^^

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