Wednesday, October 5, 2011

smiling =)

i just don't know
but i do smile for no reason
perhaps people wouldn't know why.and only me.only ALLAH knows why

even it's just a short moment
but, yes, you make me smile today
and, when i keep on thinking.i smile A LOT :")

but then, today my friend introduce to me to a new blogger
aida, former winner of GM perhaps.which just get married for a year
and, yeah, she has a romantic husband

but, deep down inside my heart
when i read the blog,it seems really3 sweet
but, for me, i don't really need a romantic husband
i just want an ordinary husband..which love me for who i am
and who accept all my weakness.always there to listen *because i'm really takative,HAHA*
yeaa.i know.POOR him ryt? but, that's all i want
a husband for me, is someone who can listen to what i babble about
guide me, love me, and ONLY me
look for me, care for me..because, as he care, i believe he'll always love me
i don't need another seth tan becoming
i just want a simple and normal guy

and i don't know why, i keep on imagining
my special person will be someone of course taller than me
have a really sweet smile that can make me melt *_*
and when i see his smile
i will feel at ease,i will feel his love
without talking, i can feel that feeling..
that is what i'm searching now
not just a monkey or puppy love day ALLAH will let me meet him myself will prepare to meet that guy
one fine day

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