Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PBL mate

Last Wednesday,our Physio SGD was cancelled, so all my groupmate took the chance
and went OUTING ^^ ngeh3.
it was really fun hanging out with them
as we've been in this group for almost 1 semester
and what i can say is that, i really3 love my PBLmate

we chit-chatting all along.walk together to monorail
and wait like orang gilak at iSetan until the steamboat shop was open
from 10.30am until 11.00am
and i think the iSetan guard just fed up with us playing around there.

ok.ok.let me introduce to you guys my PBL-mate

from left: ming jia, mei jun, adeline, komalar, abidah, me, syazzuan, fuad and chua
left is our dearest cameraman mr.danny wong a.k.a khim khim's boyfie.HAHA :P
*hopefully he didn't read this =P*

and.so,which one is danny eh eh? nanti danny merajuk pula..hehe.

ok.the left one is mr.danny a.k.a my ex-AMSA Charity president ^^
he's cute ryt? ^^ HEHE

and so.we have a very cute couple in our PBL
errr..HAHA,they look good together.comel bangettt :P

cute kan? cute kan? HAHA..
saje je kacau diorang ni..HEHE..i really love talking to them.kalau time CSL tu
mmg dgn diorang jela nk melepak smbil tunggu bas.yg lain sume lesap naik teksi.HAHA

and.since i'm the AMSEP president this year.and my vice presi as well as EXCO is in my PBL
while waiting for the shop to open, mulela sesi discussion
bersama2 cik EXCO Komalar ni.aigoooo..
dan sesi ini juge dicapture oleh en.danny.cesssssss @@

and so.discussion going on and on.
sampaila kedai bukak..
and.trust me!~ it's REALLY2 worth tahu..
RM 22.and u can eat whatever u can..got everything
seafood, ayam, ikan, sayuran, nasi goreng, kotiaw grg, segala mee, and everything yang kalau nk list down.mmg penat.
u can eat whatever you can up to 2 hours.so, SANGAT2 berbaloi kan?
mmg my tummy sangat full that day.
nk bukti that i eat a lot that day? =P
huhu..mmg sangat banyak makan.
but BEWARE people.if u take a lot but you don't EAT
for every 100gm, u have to pay RM 5 @@

so, since diorang2 ni amek mee banyak sgt, it's too tiring to finished everything up @@
so, kami sumbat2 dlm bekas,and buat mcm makanan tu sisa2 je.HAHAHA
gile punye kelakar scene ni, and i remember i laughed a LOT
sampai senak perut gelak that day
see all those tingkat2.actually at every level, hidden a lot of wasted food.
HAHA.nobody realized kan?
HEBAT tak kami? ngeh3 =P

and.so,we end up the day with ZT presentation during our lecture at 2pm
once reached faculty at 1pm, i'm soooo TIRED that i just slept in the lecture hall
until my friend came and wake me up
HAILOH! at that moment, rasenye kalau org xkejot, mmg xsedar ape la

and, since tomorrow will be the last day for our session
i wish that, we all will be a good doc one day ^^ amin
and hopefully, we'll be in this together
until another 3 years ahead.amin3 ^^

i love you guys so much
i'm sorry for every mistakes i've done as ur GROUP leader.
i'm just a simple and normal human being
that i might done many mistakes without i recognized.
sorry for everything guys.
finally..goodluck for upcoming EXAM <3

good day people ^^


shazwanazizan / wanblur said...

makan banyaknyer.. nyam2

^risq_munirah^ said...

kate nk gumok.HAHA :P

wan.buddy ko syazzuan kn? HEHE.